Urice, Yula Bryl Dendy

Yula Bryl Dendy Urice, later changed the spelling to Beryl, the feminine spelling, was born August 1, 1905 in Elmore City, Oklahoma. She attended high school, business school and Realtor school. Yula Beryl’s father was Daniel Baker Dendy, February 10, 1856 to June 11, 1942. He was born in Waterloo, South Carolina. Her mother was Leonora Anabella Williams Dendy, February 27, 1878 to October 4, 1961. She was born in Walnut Hill, Williams Mountain, Eagle County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. Yula Beryl had three brothers and three sisters and all of them were original enrollees except Lenora, Lenora was born too late to be put on the rolls.