Thompson, Rosa Belle

Rosa Belle Thompson Submitted by: Rozella M. Zable, daughter

Rosa Belle Thompson Murphy, an original enrollee, one-half Choctaw, was born at Wapanucka, Indian Territory, on February 22, 1906 and died July 14, 1992.

She was the daughter of Phillip Lewis Thompson, full blood Choctaw, born 1871, and Allie Rosetta Buchanan Thompson, born 1875, born of this marriage also were Rosa’s sisters, Zenobia and Arizona, and her brother, Lewis Thompson.

Rosa’s paternal grandparents were Saffion Thompson and Lutsy Tom Thompson, full blood Choctaws. Her great-grandparents were Wallace Jincy Thompson and Abert and Fannie Tom, full blood Choctaws.

Rosa’s maternal grandparents were Fannie A. and Hogue John Buchanan.

She married R.C. “Bob” Murphy. They had eight children together, namely, Joe T., Richard F., Rufus C., C.D., Corena, Lorena, Bobby and Rozella. There are 22 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren and 17 great-great-grandchildren.