Thompson, Robert & Sinia

Robert & Sinia Thompson By Robert Loftin

Robert B. Thompson, son of William and Jane Thompson, was born on March 7, 1845 in Indian Territory and died at or near Alderson, I. T. On October 10, 1907 buried at Hartshorne. Robert’s Choctaw Census Card shows him to be ¼ Indian. Robert is listed by himself on his card, in the 3rd District, Choctaw Nation, Hartshorne, I.T. A note at the bottom of the page has Post Office Dowell, I.T. It shows him to have been in Kiamita County in 1896, his father, William Thompson dead and a non-citizen; his mother, Jane Thompson is also dead, but had been on the Choctaw Rolls of Kiamita County.

His wife, Sinia “Siney” Ward, is Chickasaw; she and their children are listed separately as Chickasaws. At a later date, the children are stricken from that roll and placed on the Choctaw Roll. Siney, daughter of Silas Ward and Mary Pickens, was born September 1847 in I.T.

The 1900 Federal Census shows Robert’s father and mother both to have been born in Mississippi.

Robert and Siney Thompson were in Blue County, I.T. in July 1885. He was farming 20 acres of land. He had three horses and 25 swine. Robert was Choctaw by blood and 40 years old. Sinia is 38 years. They have seven children: Cyrus, male, age 17 years. Isabelle, female age 13 years; Mary, female, age 12 years; William, son age 10 years; Ella, female, age 6 years; Louis, male age 3 years; Robert Thompson Jr. male age 1 year. Robert Jr. is called Burney on later census. Because he is listed here as a Jr., we assume the “B” in Robert B. Thompson Sr. to be for Burney.

In 1893, on Choctaw Payroll, Kiamita County, Robert, Sinia, William, Ella, Lewis and Burney Thompson each received $103 apiece, picked up by Robert Thompson for a total of $618. Their older daughter, Bell, age 20, and husband, E.M. Pierce, age 23 and daughter, Hattie, age one year, are living in the household of his widowed mother, Susan Pierce, age 47. Family members each receive $103, a total of $412, picked up by E.M. Pierce.

Their daughter, Mary Thompson, married Robert Woods in Pittsburg County.

On the 1910 Federal Census, Siney is a widow, head of the household, two sons are living with her, William, married one year and Lewis, single. Siney’s father’s place of birth is listed as Ireland and her mother was born in Oklahoma. She was the mother of seven children, six living. The deceased child should be the oldest son, Cyrus R. Thompson, born August 1869, a resident of Coal County before his death. He married Clemmie Gammon, daughter of James and Martha Gammon.

William Cleveland Thompson was married at McAlester on July 30, 1908 to Miss Nora Plains Cummins, age 21, both gave their address as Craig, Pittsburg County, southwest of Hartshorne.

The above individuals are ancestors of Robert Carroll Loftin. Robert, son of Julius Carroll Loftin and Myrtle Pauline Nelson, has six original Dawes Roll ancestors. Pauline’s parents were Hattie Me Pierce and Robert Woodson Nelson. Hattie was recorded as ¼ Indian on the Dawes Roll and her parents, Ed Pierce and Isabelle “Bell” Thompson were still living at that time. Ed Pierce’s mother, Susan J. Stewart, and Belle’s parents, Robert B. Thompson Sr. and Sinia Ward were also still living at that time. Siney and some of her children were living in Choctaw County, when the estate of Robert B. Thompson Sr. was settled in 1913.

The census cards are our source of information on the parents of those enrollees. Siney Thompson was the daughter of Silas Ward, deceased, a non-citizen and Mary Pickens, a deceased Chickasaw. Susan J. Stewart was the daughter of William Stewart and Matilda Colbert.

Information on the Colberts is from Don Martini’s book, Chickasaw Empire, “The Story of the Colbert Family”, 1986. Matilda was born June 10, 1820 and died on December 1880. Matilda Colbert was the youngest daughter of Major James Colbert and Susan James 1784-1864. Susan Colbert and Matilda Stewart are buried north of Soper in Choctaw County in a small family cemetery on the allotted land of Siney Pierce Wright, daughter of Ed and Bell Pierce.

Susan (James) Colbert, a Choctaw Indian, was the daughter of Benjamin James, who was an American agent among the Choctaws. Major James Colbert was born about 1768 and died at Doaksville, I.T. in May 1842. He was the son of James Logan Colbert and his 3rd wife, a half-blood Indian. The Colbert nepotism through marriage spread to the ruling families of all of the Five Civilized Indian tribes.

We are searching for other children of William and Jane Thompson. Their census cards may show the maiden name of Jane.