Thompson, Cyrus Waverly

Cyrus Waverly Thompson Submitted by: Diane Brittain Lewis

Cyrus Thompson was born in a log cabin on March 18, 1895 in Coal County, Indian Territory, outside of what is now Coalgate, Oklahoma. His parents were Cyrus Raspberry Thompson and Clemmie Rachel Thompson. His father was born on April 4, 1869 near Sopa, I.T. and died December 30, 1909 at Coalgate after contracting pneumonia. His mother was born July 21, 1871 at Ducktown, Fannin County, Georgia and died on April 4, 1964 in Coalgate.

There were ten children born to this union so Cyrus had nine brothers and sisters: 1891 Valley Laura Thompson Cunningham, DOD 1993 1892 Preemon Carson (Bud) Thompson DOD October 31, 1918 1895 Cyrus Waverly Thompson DOD March 18, 1895 1897 James Humes (Jim) Thompson DOD November 2, 1928 1900 Joseph Barnes (Joe or Tubby) Thompson DOD early 1980’s 1902 Robert Harkins (Bob) Thompson DOD mid 1980’s 1906 Daisy Magie Thompson Gaddis DOD 1993 1907 Lawrence Waverly Thompson DOD mid 1980’s 1909 Christine Thompson DOD May 27, 1927 1920 Roy Thompson

Original enrollees Cyrus Raspberry Thompson Wife: Clemmie R. (Gammon) Thompson Children: Valley; Preeman; James; Joe and Robert

Cyrus attended schools at Unity Grade School House and Oakgrove School, both near Coalgate, Indian Territory. He also attended Tishomingo Agriculture, where he played football and Hills Business College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

On December 19, 1919, he married his future wife, Katie, in his mother’s home in Coalgate. Their son and daughter-in-law still have the round oak table that Cyrus and Katie ate their wedding dinner on.

There were four children born to this union: Cyrus Robert Thompson, dob January 13, 1922/dod January 15, 1922; Genevieve Neva (Genn) Thompson, dob October 28, 1923 and married on September 9, 1947 in Enid, OK to Elza Merle Brittain, dob December 14, 1924; Dorotha Virginia Thompson, dob September 13, 1925/dod March 1962; she married in Tulsa on 1946 or 1947 to Gene Menke; Ralph Waverly Thompson dob February 5, 1928 and married to Ida Belle Hastings.

There are seven grandchildren: Dan Everett Brittain, born April 4, 1948; Diane Gail Brittain, born July 14, 1951; Christine Menke, born 1953; Leslie Menke, born 1955; Leigh Menke born 1957, Donald Waverly Thompson, born June 24, 1955 and Phillip Scott Thompson, born January 16, 1961.

Cyrus W. Thompson’s father, Cyrus R. Thompson, was a deputy U.S. Marshal which was one of a group of Indians authorized to enforce the law in Indian Territory. He served under S. Marshal’s Ford and Thompson but no relation.

Cyrus’ first real job was as a stenographer at Farmer’s State Bank in Garbor, Oklahoma and his wages were $150.00 per month. Later he went to work for the Bank of Oklahoma and retired from there in 1960 as head of the stockroom. He saw the bank change names four times during his years there. He has always been an avid gardener and has always been active in the Christian Church and belonged to the Sandusky Avenue Christian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cyrus w. Thompson turned 100 on March 18, 1995. Although his health and eyesight may be failing some, his mind is fine and he really has a quite remarkable memory of times gone by. I have grown up, as has my daughter, listening to his stories. He is an exceptionally fine man and has lived his life as an honest, loving, caring and hard working husband father and grandfather. One hundred years of experiences are a little difficult to put down on paper.