Taylor, Jenny

Jenny Taylor

My mother Jenny (Taylor) Briggs was an original enrollee. Her birth date to the best of her knowledge is June 13, either 1868 or 1870. She was born in I.T. and her mother died when she was 5 days old. Jenny always told us her mother was full blood Chickasaw. Her daddy’s name was Jim/James Taylor who died at Bokoshe at age of 66 in 1910. His mother was Hester A. Taylor and she died in Skullyville, I.T. Children born to James Taylor were Pettis, Willie and Pearl. Born to Jenny (Taylor) Briggs ere Mary, Riley, Alvin, Minnie and Ernest. Jenny remarried, after the death of Mr. Briggs, to Daniel Henry West. They had my sister, Henrietta, who lived a short life and myself, Gertrude (West) Beene. Another relation of our family is, Robert Taylor, one of the Code Talkers. My mother and daddy were always being called to help the sick of the community. She was a very giving, caring person as well as daddy. When she was a little girl, she would wait on the river bank and Belle Starr would come across and take her for a ride on the back of her horse. My mother was a cook in a restaurant in Stigler, Ok. in her later years. I would enjoy going there to eat with her. My children Retha, DeLois, Dewey June, Franklin D. and Delmar Leon loved to go spend the night after school with their grandmother. She lived in Stigler, behind Pennington’s market. We lived in Whitefield, Ok. for a number of years, where I attended school. I was born two years after the rolls wer closed. My mother Jenny, died in 1961 in the Sigler Nursing Home and was buried in the Stigler Cemetery. We have a rich Indian Heritage, of which I am very proud. I am the only child living of Jenny (Taylor) West. According to the Dawes Commission, my mother had several acres of land deeded to her. This information supplied by: Gertrude (West) Beene – daughter. P.S. My great-great-great grandpa was “CHIEF BOUNCING RABBIT”, who was on the “Trail of Tears”.