Taylor, Charles Solomon

Charles Solomon Taylor Submitted by: Tonah Eberhart, daughter

Information supplied by; Charles Solomon Taylor- full blood Choctaw Indian. Father of Tonah Eberhart and Lois Sokolosky. Mother – Emiline Taylor Died September 11, 1928 near Wister, OK in Leflore County. Age 60. Husbands- Solomon Taylor (Died March 31, 1899) not enrolled. Hampton Perry (Died February 25, 1905) Ben Hoteyabi (Died February, 1927) Children – Phoebe Taylor (Died June 12, 1963 Antlers, OK at about age 70) Alice Taylor (Died February 21, 1905 – Age 9) Charles Solomon Taylor (Died December 29, 1988 Age 89 at Talihina, OK) Born 11-28-1899. William Perry (Died 1904 at 10 months) not enrolled Sister – Malinda Bell (Died November 24, 1934 at Wister, OK) Husbands) Staphen Collins (Died October 8, 1908) not enrolled Jacob Jackson (Died in 1926 near Wister) Henry Jackson (Died August 1929) Emiline and Melinda’s parents: Tecumseh Perry (Died 1858) not enrolled. Lizzie Perry (Died 1852) not enrolled. Heirs of Malinda Bell (Jackson): Phoebe Taylor (niece), Charles Taylor (Nephew), and Alice Taylor (Niece).