Tannehill, Mintie (Folsom)

Mintie (Folsom) Tannehill Submitted by: Carl Tannehill

Mintie Folsom original enrollee was born December 14, 1879 in Skullyville, Indian Territory to Washington (Watt) Edmond Nathaniel and Elizabeth G. (Mickie) Folsom. On May 20, 1896, she married Joseph David Tannehill in an Indian ceremony at the north end of Lake McAlester #1 by a Choctaw Indian missionary. Eight children were born to this union: Erwin E. born 02-01-1897 and died 04-04-1900. Edgar P. born 03-04-1898. Franklin (Francis) Ward was born 03-12-1900. Oran was born 03-31-1902 and died 04-04-1902. Rudolph T. was born 03-27-1903 then Vivian E. was born 11-02-1904 and died 06-22-1905. The last two was Alice G. born 09-18-1906 and Annis S. born 08-02-1908. Joseph David Tannehill received an enrollment after he married Mintie. She was his second wife after his first wife; Elizabeth Ann Frazier had passed away. Mintie had many superstitions. She served as a Mid-Wife in the Tannehill prairie community and was called upon to settle disputes among some Indian families. She also assisted Dr. J.C. Schlicht, a country doctor, in delivering babies. Dr. Schlicht drove a horse and buggy in making house calls. Mintie also drove a buggy when she was called upon to deliver a baby. On one occasion, with her sons, Shorty and Ed, ages 3 and 4 years old, she was approached by snake Indians riding horses and wearing war paint. She was frightened but was not harmed. She always carried her pistol beside her for protection and could shoot and kill any snake that was in her way. Mintie had many remedies for what ailed a person. Some of her remedies for the following problems are: Poison Ivy: Boil Polk root and let patient bathe in it. Seven Year Itch: Sulphur and molasses made into a paste and applied to skin. Worms in children: Have the child swallow pumpkin seed. Cuts and bruises: Turpentine and coal oil rubbed in area. Stop bleeding: A woman has to read a scripture in the Bible in Kings – verse unknown. Croupy children: Children need care in damp and chilly weather and should be kept indoors at the first sign of symptoms. Mix kerosene, lard, turpentine, quinine and camphor. Heat the mixture on back of stove but be careful of fire. Then apply mixture to back; chest and throat then cover with a flannel cloth.

Mintie believed in “Poor Richard’s Almanac” when planting crops or dehorning cattle. She had much wisdom and old tales. One such word of advice was “Always get up early so you can get a breath of fresh air before everyone flushed their toilets.” Edgar Preston Tannehill original enrollee and son of Joseph and Mintie married Carrie Marie Self, his first wife who was born 08-30-1890 and died 12-31-1945. Their children were Joseph C. Tannehill, who served in the Army and was a prisoner of war of the Japanese from 1941 to 1945. Carl W. Tannehill was in the Army from 1942 to 1946 and James E. Tannehill was in the Marine Corp from 1940 to