Tannehill, Joseph David

Joseph David Tannehill

Joseph David Tannehill was born August 26, 1858. He was the son of David and Mary Tannehill. His first wife was Elizabeth Ann Frazier. They were married on June 21, 1887 at the home of Frank Holloway; by the Reverend C.H. Thompson, a Methodist Minister. Joseph David Tannehill received an enrollment after he married Mintie. She was his second wife; Elizabeth Ann Frazier had passed away. On May 20, 1896, Joseph David Tannehill married Mintie Folsom, born December 14, 1878 in Skullyville, Indian Territory. She was the daughter of Edward Washington Folsom and Elizabeth G. Mickle. Joseph and Mintie were married in an Indian ceremony at the north end of Lake McAlester #1 by a Choctaw Indian missionary. To this marriage were born eight children. They were: Erwin E. born 02-01-1897 and died 04-04-1900. Edgar P. born 03-04-1898. Franklin (Francis) Ward was born 03-12-1900. Oran was born 03-31-1902 and died 04-04-1902. Rudolph T. was born 03-27-1903 then Vivian E. was born 11-02-1904 and died 06-22-1905. The last two was Alice G. born 09-18-1906 and Annis S. Born 08-02-1908. Joseph was a cattleman all his life, and at one time owned most of the land known as Tannehill Prairie (now the Tannehill Community). He donated the land for the first Tannehill School – a wooden structure which burned. The second was also built on ground donated by him. It was built of native stone around 1910 and was torn down in 1957 when the present school was completed. He also donated the land, which comprises the Tannehill Cemetery. He was the very first District 3 County Commissioner: a life member of the Scottish and Yorkrite Masons; Life member of Old Fellows Lodge; a member of the Anti-Horse Thief Association, and the Anti-Cattle Thief Association. He served as City councilman, and was Vice President of the City National Bank during the early 20’s. He was a member of the Barnett Methodist Church of North McAlester. Joseph David died October 1, 1940 and is buried in Tannehill Cemetery. Mintie died November 22, 1958. Edgar Preston Tannehill original enrollee, son of Joseph and Mintie, married Carrie Marie Self, his first wife who was born 08-30-1890 and died 12-31-1945. Their children were Joseph C. Tannehill, who served in the Army and was a prisoner of war of the Japanese from 1941 to 1945. Carl W. Tannehill was in the Army from 1942 to 1946 and James E. Tannehill was in the Marine Corp from 1940 to 1946. One daughter, Helen H. Tannehill Roth.