Swink, William Wilburn “Will” / Nannie, William C.

William Wilburn “Will” Swink Nannie “Nancy Jane Edwards” Swink William Edward “Bill” Swink Inez Swink Ida Mae Swink Randall Henry Swink Irene K. Swink

William W. Swink was born December 9, 1867 in the town of Medon, Madison County, Tennessee. He was the eleventh and last child of Jesse W. and Mary Elizabeth “Robinson” Swink. His biography in Hill’s “History of the State of Oklahoma” says that he came to the Choctaw Nation in 1887, following his older brother David Randall into the Territory. William and David attended a log house school and had slab benches to sit on in Tennessee with none of the modern appliances or conveniences available in 1900. William left home and went to Dallas, Texas arriving there with 15 cents in his pocket, prior to that he had been in Corinth, Mississippi. Arriving in the Territory he rented a farm at old Doaksville. After several years she was appointed Deputy United States Marshal and Notary Public and served eight years under Marshals Needles, McAllister, Grandy, and Hackett. While serving in Antlers he married Nancy Jane Edwards on November 1, 1894 and built his first home there. He decided to go into business and was employed in Antlers, but then sold his property and went back to Doaksville. He worked for R.M. Love who also had a store at Shawnee town. After two years as a clerk, he opened his won store at BonTon, south of Valliant and stayed there four years. When the Arkansas and Choctaw railroad opened the station at Valliant, he moved lock, stock, and barrel to the new site and was one of the first merchants there. He sold his business after two years to Bushnell and Knight and began farming again. William W. was also a Choctaw by inter-marriage and he had 900 acres in McCurtain County on the Red River, 300 in cultivation by tenants. The crops were cotton, corn, and alfalfa. He was a supporter of statehood and was a delegate to the only Statehood Convention, held in Oklahoma City. He was one of the founders and helped to build up the new town of Valliant building houses, in addition to his own home, which unfortunately burned about 1939. He was an original stockholder in the Bank of Valliant and belonged to the Knights of Pythias and Woodman of the World fraternal organizations. Will Swink was shot, along with his son Randall Henry in October of 1934 when they attempted to collect the rent from black tenants on property they owned near Millerton. The black men who occupied the property opened fire as they approached the house, and mortally wounded William. Randall Henry made it back to their store where his sister Irene was working. He told her to go and see about their father and then died in her arms. The black men were arrested, but one was shot and killed attempting to escape while being transferred by car to Idabel. He was killed by Valliant Deputy Sheriff Carl Pruitt, married to Nell Austin Pruitt, a family friend. He had been appointed along with several other local men for the manhunt. William was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paris, Texas but he died from gangrene some ten days later. The other black man responsible for the murders was convicted and sent to prison. William Wilburn and Nannie had five children. William Edward (Bill), Inez, Ida Mae, Randall Henry Swink, who died with his father in October of 1934, and Irene K. William W. Swink died on October 31, 1934, and Irene K. William W. Swink died on October 31, 1934 in St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paris, Texas and is buried in the family plot in Valliant. Nannie Swink. Nancy Jane Edwards was born August 11, 1869 in Miller County, Arkansas. She was known all of her life as Nannie. Her parents were Henry Clay and Lydia Ann “Carlton” Edwards. She had an older brother, Rufus M. Edwards who married Betty Nelson and younger sisters Emma, Ida, Kate, and Ada Edwards. Nannie’s sister Ida, married W.B. Long, who was a doctor. Ida and Dr. Long had at least two children, Charles Henry and Celeste Long. Emma Edwards married Mr. Wallace and at one time lived in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Ben Edwards lived in Dumas, Texas in 1964. All of these family members were enrolled. Being called Nannie is known to have caused confusion, on at least one occasion. A young cousin visiting when the family lived in Pars, Texas asked Nannie a question and was promptly told that child children did not call their elders by their first names. The boy supposed that Nannie was a family name “Grandmother” and still remembers being embarrassed by the correction. Nannie Swink died on March 7, 1964 and is buried beside her husband in Valliant Cemetery in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. William Edward Swink. William was known, as “Bill” was a pharmacist and married local girl Pansy Nell Childress. He worked in the O.B. Medford drug store in Ft. Towson and in drug stores in Valliant and Broken Bow. One of the drug stores was owned by Ethel McBrayer Helms and her husband Stokley B. Helms. Ethel was a cousin of David Randall Swink’s wife, Lena B. “Harris” Swink. William Edward’s son, William E. Jr., known as Bill Ed was killed in combat during WWII. His name is on the Choctaw Nation War Memorial at the capitol in Tuskahoma. Their daughter Nancy Jo Greenwood Evans has two sons and lived near Houston, Texas. William Edward (Bill) died on January 16, 1972 and is buried with Pansy in the Idabel Cemetery in McCurtain County, Oklahoma. Inez Swink. Inez was named for a favorite relative also an original enrollee, Inez Elizabeth Farr. She married Alvin L. Edmiaston the County Agent in Paris, Texas. They had two daughters, Ouida and Joy Edmiaston. Ouida married Clyde Black and lives in Temple, Texas. Joy married Mr. Haines and lives in Dallas, Texas. Inez died on October 14, 1981 and is buried with her husband Alvin L. Edmiaston in the Evergreen Cemetery in Lamar County, Texas. Ida Mae Swink. Ida Mae was born on November 3, 1900. She married several times. First to Claud Scott, a pharmacist in Mena, Arkansas, then to Henry H. Gregg and they had one son, Robert H. Gregg. Finally she was married to Iva L. Collins. Ida Mae died on June 15, 1966 and is buried in the family plot in Valliant Cemetery, McCurtain, County, Oklahoma. Ida Mae’s so, Robert Gregg and his family live in San Jose, California. Randall Henry Swink. Randall H., Nannie, and Will’s youngest son was born November 3, 1902 and was murdered on October 17, 1934. He is buried in the family plot in the Valliant Cemetery. Irene K. Swink. Irene was born on September 18, 1905. She married Robert Odom, walker Taylor Kirby, a cousin in the Pitchlynn/Harris Line, and Mr. Leon Cheatwood. She died on July 21, 1992 and is buried with her family in Valliant, Cemetery, McCurtain County, Oklahoma.