Statham, Artie

Artie Statham Submitted by: Artie Statham Davis

Artie Statham was born January 9, 1906 at Bokoshe, Oklahoma to James F Statham and Myrtle G. (Powell) Statham. Her father was born in Arkansas and her mother was born in Spiro, Oklahoma. She had three brothers: Everete, Chester, and James. Everete was an original enrollee also. She also had two sisters: Altha and Irene. Artie was married April 6, 1935 to S.E. Davis in Mena, Arkansas and they have one son, William J. Davis. Artie stated that she was always proud of her Indian heritage. She was raised on a large farm near Bokoshe and attended schools at Ft. Smith, Arkansas and Poteau, Oklahoma. She graduated from high school at Bokoshe in 1924. Artie said she remembered the depression because times were very hard but they always had plenty to eat and clothes to wear. Her parents had all kinds of animals on the farm. Also they canned their own food and made their own clothing. They had horses on the farm, so the children rode horses to school. She said they enjoyed the school activities very, much which included basketball games, may games, and musical recitals. They attended church regularly and she said life was very pleasant.