Spring, John (Dutch) Jr.

John (Dutch) Spring, Jr.

John Spring, Jr. was born 09-25-1889 near Hugo, Indian Territory. His parents were John Spring, Sr. and Nancy (McCoy) Spring. John Jr. married Ruth Nevada Cooper on 08-28-1910. Ruth was white and John was 5/8 Choctaw. He was better known to family and friends as Dutch. John and Ruth had nine children. The pattern of their births was unique. The pattern was a boy, three girls, a boy, three girls, and a boy. John Dennis Spring, born 04-27-1913; Lorene (Spring) Palmer was born 4-27-1913 and passed away 12-27-1900 while living in Commerce, Texas; Katherine (Spring) Chilton was born 03-18-1918; Susie Marie (Spring) West was born 03-19-1922; James Martin Spring was born 08-1924; Lois Faye (Spring) Palmer was born 04-29-1928; Mayrene Spring was born 09-01-1930 and only lived one month. Margie Nell (Spring) Williams was born 12-13-1931. The third boy and the ninth child, Jacky Lynn, was born 07-11-1939. John Spring, Jr. was a farmer by choice. He lived near Hugo, Oklahoma until the summer of 1923. John and Ruth, with four children: Dennis, Lorene, Katherine, and Susie Marie came to Texas. Their plans were to pick cotton for Ruth’s sister and husband, Sam and Bertha Carlton, then return home. Crossing red river was a scary experience. The bridge had been washed out by high waters so the family had to cross the river on a makeshift ferry. AS for fie year old Katherine, she didn’t get a good breath until the wagon landed on Texas soil. The rest of the journey to Horton, Texas, seven miles from Commerce, Texas, was an adventure as the covered wagon rolled along. John Jr. Ruth and twelve year old Dennis soon joined the Texas cotton pickers. After the cotton crop was gathered, the decision to stay in Texas was made. John and his family made several moves but always stayed near Commerce. They were living in Commerce at the time of their death. John passed away 12-30-1966 and Ruth passed away in May of 1980. Both are buried near Greenville, Texas.