Roebuck, Oscar (Dick)


Among my fondest childhood memories are the time spent with Grandma and Grandpa Roebuck. I, Alice Fav Roebuck, was born on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1947 in Hugo Choctaw county Oklahoma to Walter Melvin Roebuck and Ina Fay Claborn of Soper, OK. My dad, the third of four sons, was born on Halloween 1924 to original enrollee Oscar (Dick) Roebuck and Willie Inez Culberson. Their other children were Frederick Burl, Elvis Oliver, and Roy Delmar.

My grandpa was known as Dick Roebuck and not his real name Oscar. Grandpa and his twin brother, Oliver, was born on November 15, 1886 near Sugar Creek and the Tom Griggs homestead. He attended school at Sugar Creek school. His father was Benjamin Franklin Roebuck one-half Choctaw, and his mother was, Nancy Taylor a Choctaw by marriage and an orphan. Ben was a farmer and after the allotments were issued he moved his family to his allotment and raised a family of nine. His allotment was located 6 ½ miles northwest of Soper, Choctaw county, Oklahoma. The family of nine were all original enrollees. They were: Edward (Ed), Grandpa who was a twin to Oliver, Elmira (sis), Isabelle (Bell), Ettie, Ulysses, Susan, Clarissy (Clara).

Grandpa Dick Roebuck at age 30, enlisted in the U.S. Army on Sept 19, 1917 at Hugo, Oklahoma. He served as a private first class in Co C, 343 Field Artillery Ark. He traveled by ship to France where he served part of his enlistment. He received an honorable discharge on April 18, 1919 at Camp Funston Kansas. His enlistment records indicate that he was single, of excellent character, and a farmer by occupation. The discharge papers show he was 5 feet 9inches in height with brown eyes, dark brown hair and dark complexion.

In less than a month after being discharges, on May 3, 1919 he married Willie Inez Culberson. The marriage record indicates that Eld. M. A. Pillars married them “On the Road.” They established a home near Roebuck Corner and lived in numerous houses in and around Roebuck homeplace. Grandma had a green thumb and gardening was a way of life for her. Many of my memories of staying with Grandma and Grandpa were in helping with the gardening and canning. In the summer we picked blackberries and plums to make jelly and pies. From the garden grandma would make bread & butter pickles, pickled beets, green beans, and baked Indian Corn. They always had a milk cow and I loved to help churn and make the butter. Grandpa always complained about helping with the churning but always helped. They always had a hen house with lots of eggs. There was always little chickens hatching and new hen nests to find. The guineas always reported the rain showers and the danger of a fox, wolf, or snake.

Time spent with them was always enjoyable and fun. Many times we slept outside in the yard. The stars were so beautiful and grandma would always tell me stories, especially the one about the “Little Red Hen”. It was my favorite. We would listen to the whippoorwills tell their stories and to the wolves cry.

Grandpa Dick loved to play dominoes. There was always a game under the shade tree. The Davenport family lived very close by and they too enjoyed playing. In 1959/60 Grandma and Grandpa moved to the town of Soper. This is when the domino parlor became an everyday affair. When grandpa wasn’t playing at the parlor downtown he was sitting on the bench outside Lee’s grocery store, rolling his “dough ball”, dipping his garrett snuff and talking. Grandma always cooked biscuits for breakfast and grandpa always took the inside of one biscuit and made a “dough ball”. All day long he rolled this bread dough between his first finger and his thumb. By the end of the day it would be as hard as a marble and a bit larger.

On a hot summer day in August 1962, Grandpa and several of his buddies including, Ed Lee, and Bill Lawrence went on a fishing trip to Neshobo Oklahoma. Grandpa went to the river’s edge to get some water and did not return. Mr. Lee and Mr. Lawrence found him face down in the water’s edge. He was stricken with a heart attack and died suddenly on Aug 30, 1962.

His funeral was held at the Assembly of God Church in Soper. So many towns people and relatives attended that many stood outside the church during the services. He was laid to rest in the Soper City Cemetery. Grandma continued to live in Soper and worked part time at the Hugo Nursing Home. She died on Dec 6, 1978 and was laid to rest between their son, Fred and grandpa.

The other children of Ben and Nancy Roebuck were:

Edward (Ed) married Buelah Yeager of Ladonia Texas on Jan 20, 1907 at Nelson OK. Four children were born to this union. Ed was a retired Humble Oil Company employee. He died at the age of 76 years on Nov 28, 1962 and is buried in Gilmer Texas.

Oliver was born on November 15, 1886, a twin to Oscar. He married Willie Yeager on Nov 27, 1910 at Soper OK. To this union were born 4 children. Both Oliver and Willie died at a very young age and are buried in the Sugar Creek Cemetery, Northwest of Soper, OK.

Elmira (Sis) was born on March 3, 1888 and died May 12, 1984. She married Jim Raford “Tobe” Fails of Lee County Texas on July 24, 1910. They had six children. Tobe died June 10th, 1957. Both are buried in the Sugar Creek Cemetery.

Isabelle (Bell) was born Jan 14, 1890. She married George Franklin Riggs on Nov 24, 1910. They had two children. Mr. Riggs died on July 10, 1919 and Bell on April 1, 1920. They are buried in the Sugar Creek Cemetery northwest of Soper, OK.

Ettie was born about 1894 and died 1969. She married Jim Riggs on October 13, 1912. They had four children. Mr. Riggs was born in 1890 and died in 1976. They are buried at Soper City Cemetery.

Ulysses was born on November 15, 1896. He married Minnie Bee Fennell of Honey Grove Texas on March 22, 1919. They had nine children. He died on Sept 30, 1970 and Minnie on Aug 10, 1962. They are buried in the Boswell City Cemetery.

Susan was born about 1899 and died about 1930. She was married to Joe Earl Riggs on Nov 23, 1919. She had two children. Susan is buried in the Soper City Cemetery and Mr. Riggs at Sugar Creek Cemetery.

Clarissy (Clara) was born Aug 6, 1901. She married Martin Luther Wilson on Dec 24, 1922. They had two sons, one dying in infancy. Clara died May 9, 1983 and Luther on July 6, 1970. They are buried in Soper City Cemetery.