Roebuck, David Jr.



David was born 3-6-1877 and died 3-17-1926. He was born around the Roebuck Lake area, to David and Malinda (Austin) Roebuck. Malinda was born in Gaines County. It is not known where his parents originated from but he had 7 brothers and sisters. They were: Mary Jane; Emphriam, born 4-24-1869 and died 5-12-1893; Edward; Ruda; William, Isabella and Joesphus Roebuck.

He married Mary Magdalene Crowder and some of his relatives were: William Roebuck, Treasurer of Choctaw Council; David Roebuck, Recording Secretary of the National Senate Journalist for the Senate Representative.

Researched, compiled and submitted by Margaret Riney, granddaughter of original enrollees, at the request of Maggie Roebuck and Jack M. Roebuck, children of the original enrollees.


Mary was born to Mary Anna Roebuck Crowder and Josh Crowder on October 21, 1890, and passed away October 30, 1974. Half brothers and sisters were Nellie Francis Spring, born 11-20-1873 ; Joseph Buster Spring, born 7-25-1875; Betsy Lee Spring, born 2-22-1879; James Spring, born 3-3-1881 ; Zeno Spring, born 10-6-1885 then there was a full brother, John J, Crowder, born 10-6-1882

Mary attended school at Goodland near Hugo, OK. She was married to David Buster Roebuck Jr. and, also Edward Irwin. She and her spouse lived on Original Land Allotments near Soper, OK.
ary had ten children: Clifford Felton Roebuck, born 11-20-1908; John H. Roebuck, born 5-24-1911 and died 6-8-1911. Jack McCurtain Roebuck, born 5-24-1913; Ray Roebuck, born 10-27-1915 and died 9-20-1919; Essie Lee Roebuck, born 12-2-1917; Annie Bea Roebuck, born 8-17-1919 and died 2-1-1928; Maggie Mae Roebuck, born 9-12-1922; David Bruce Roebuck, born 11-5-1923 and died 12-21-1923; Sam Roebuck, born 4-1-1925; Bessie Sula Erwin, born 11-29-1930 and died 4-22-1986.

Billie Sue Roebuck born 4-4-1934
David Glenn Roebuck born 9-15-1935
Jimmie Lee Roebuck born 2-11-1939
Shirley Ann Crews born 10-31-1938
Charles Allan Crews born 4-3-1940 Deceased
Linda Carrol Crews born 9-10-1943
Mary Nell Crews born 4-30-1944
Evelyn Lee Crews born 2-17-1946
Janice Kay Crews born 2-3-1948
Paul Clark Crews born 7-3-1950
Pamela Joy Crews born 11-23-1952
Bonnie Lynn Crews born 8-10-1954
Michael Kent Crews born 9-25-1957
Margaret Wetona Riney born 4-17-1943
Joseph Michael House born 7-6-1948
Cynthia Elaine Roebuck
Candith Renee Roebuck
Melaine Anne Roebuck
Samuel Bruce Roebuck
Gerald Ray Futrell
Craig Edward Futrell
Eric Scott Futrell

Great Grandchildren:
Brenda Sue Owens
Annette Upton
Angie Cook
Amanda Roebuck
Jimmie Mac Roebuck
Nick Felton Roebuck
Kristin Anne House
Sarah Elisabeth House
Justin Matthew House
Hatoma Roebuck
Jennifer Mericle
Eric Mericle
Jerome Finch
Tamara Finch
DeAnn Finch
Jason Futrell
Tanner Futrell
Aimee Futrell