Roebuck, Abby/Abbie

Submitted by Nettie Frances Taylor

Abby/Abbie (Roebuck) Taylor was an original enrollee of the Choctaw Nation of Okla. She was born 12-9-1902 in Choctaw County I.T. She was one of the 7 brothers and sisters and all have passed away now. She married Allen Lee Taylor in 1922. They lived all around in different places in Oklahoma. They finally move their family to California for about 7 years then to Arizona where they lived the rest of their lives. Allen died in 1967 and Abbie passed away in 1987. There were 6 children, two babies died early in life. Their oldest son, Jack, died in 1980 and the oldest daughter Mary Bell, died in 1995. There are only two of us left now, Henry Taylor and myself, Nettie Frances. I have lived in Winslow, Arizona which is on the border of Navajo Nation, most of my life.