Robinson, Lyman Amisiah

Submitted by: Helen Sue Robinson Gover

Lyman Amisiah Robinson was born in Nashoba County, I.T. which is now McCurtain County, Watson, OK. on 6-15-1889 to Lizzie Narlett (Wilson) Robinson and Amisiah Robinson . Out family has come from several Choctaw Nation original enrollees. Although I don’t have all their roll numbers listed. Records of the great grandparents, one set, mother, aunts are full blood descent and are from Mississippi. Records show great-great grandmother and grandfather Nartlett of Nashoba County and Pa-He-Ma of Eagle County were deceased at the time of the 1896 Tribal Enrollment.

Amisiah Robinson’s family are of a nearby town, county and eventually he died in Johnston County and was buried in Wapanucka, Ok. Cemetery as an Indian Baptist Missionary.

During the middle of the late 1800’s and 1900’s, our family history was farming in present day McCurtain County around Eagletown, Broken Bow and Watson, Ok. east and southeast of these places.

The adults or near adults of the family during this time, cleared land and farmed about 150 acres, in parcels here and there, as allotted. After statehood, they bought and raised cattle, hogs and chickens for sustenance and exchange.

This is where my father, Lyman A. Robinson, came into the picture again since three younger brothers had died at a young age. After a few years at Jones Academy, until Lyyman was about 14 years old, he returned home to help his mother, grandmother and sisters to raise a herd of cattle for beef and milking, also with mules and a wagon, did a lot of farming.

From the marriage of Lyman and Liza/Eliza Gibson were born three children named: Annie, Catherine and Milton Robinson. After Liza’s death when the children were still young, my parents Lyman and Lylie Colbert were married. In this fmily were born Caroline, Mary Jane, Mary Louise, Helen Sue, Orene and Lawrence Earl. The first seven girls attended and graduate from Wheelock Academy at Millerton, Ok., Chiloco High School near Arkansas, Talequah High School and Talequah, Ok. Milton attended Jones Academy, Hartshorne, Ok. until World War II and the activation of the 45th. Division of the National Guard. The younger son, Lawrence Earl attended Watson elementary school, Smithville High School while the youngest daughter, Orene, attended Whellock Academy until it close in 1952. Then both of them graduate from Broken Bow High School. My father and mother believed in formal education enough to see that all of their children graduated from high school and worked at out interests. My father’s hard and long hours supported his family.

The Kulli Tuklo Presbyterian Church and camps at Watson was where he served as Elder for many years.

We heard many wonderful and exciting stories about their early years since the family lived together and about a quarter mile apart after the second house was built by my father in the 1930’s and again built another house in the 1950’s when electricity came to the top of the hill from Mena, Ark. Again, my father in his late 60’s, cleared one mile of line by hand so that his house could have electricity and a power light in his yard.

From our parents and extended family, we learned to observe and participate in many things, which in turn taught us about living, hard work, perseverance and reverence for life and our world. So much to do and learn that we couldn’t have asked for a better environment even when there were sad time.

Grandchildren: Shirley Ann Bordeaux, Steve, Harold, Lawrence, Milton Jr., Millie, Sandra and Iva Robinson, Henry Ford, Robert Lyman, Eugen George, Deborah Ann, Larry Dean and Donna Kay Thompson, Michael, Linda Sue and Doyle Bacon, Karen and Tony Lee Messenger, Ricky, Fichick, Taloa and Tawalla Gibson, Phyllis Sue, Phillip Hendrix IV and David Lyman Gover, Shannon and Cindy Robinson, Angela Hicks, Jason and Valerie James and Natalie Peavy.

List of Original Enrollees:

Sissie Narlett Wilson (Roll #2385) born 1837—died 1930’s.
Lizzie Wilson Robinson (Roll #5967) born 1871—died 1930’s.
Amisiah Robinson (Roll #5966) born 1867/1869 –died 1918.
Elsie Robinson (Roll #5968) born 1887—died 1947.
Jane Robinson (Roll #5969) born 1888—died 1968.
Lyman Amisiah Robinson (Roll #5970) born 7-15-1889—died 1973.
Mary Robinson Going (Roll #15573) born 1900/1902—died 1962
Liza/Eliza Gibson Robinson (Roll ?) born 1889—died 1920
Timsey Wall Colbert (Roll ?)—-Simpson Colbert (Roll ?)

Lylie Colbert Robinson (Roll ?) born 4-15-1904—died 1981

Sillis Bohanon Vandervort (Roll ?); Irene Ashlintubbi Obe and Sophina Ashlintubbi Hicks.