Quinton, Sameul Edward

Samuel Edward Quinton

The following are memories that Anna McDonald has regarding her brother Samuel Edward Quinton, better known as Edd. Samuel Edward Quinton was born October 7, 1896 to Joel and Katie Quinton. Edd was born near Featherston, Oklahoma and was the pride and joy of his parents. When Edd was just old enough his parents would let him go to town for mail and do things that they did not have time to do, he was a great help to his parents. When Edd was old enough to notice the girls he was a proud young man. He dressed very nice. He had all the family working, busy washing and ironing, I can remember doing seven starched collars a week. Edd loved the girls, dances and nice clothes. Edd was a good boy he was never in trouble, a little selfish at times, what was his he protected. He bought a pinto horse and a new saddle, he was fixed and ready to have some good times.

When the war broke out Edd was drafted and it nearly killed the family we were so worried about him. Just before he left to go to the service he met and married Mattie Pointer. The marriage did not last long, when he came home from the war he did not live with Mattie and they divorced. Just before Edd went to the army he had bought a Dart car he sure was proud and protective of it. He was so protective that anyone over 150 pounds had to ride in the middle so it would not break the springs. When he came home from the war it was cold, he was so anxious to drive his car that when he cranked it the crank hit him in the mouth and broke his tooth. His broken tooth did not stop him. He was out and about looking at the girls. He met a widow, her name was Violet Simons and it was love at first sight. Violet had a daughter two years old, her name was Marie Caesar/ In 1920 Edd and Violet married and moved to his home from the Indian allotment. In 1921 their first child, a daughter was born they named her Pauline. Then in 1922 their son Joel Curtis was born.

Edd was very selfish when it came to his horse and new saddle, no one got a ride. I can remember having a fuss with one of my sisters and leaving home for a while. Edd and Violet lived about two moles away so I walked to their house. When I arrived at Edd and Violets I was still mad and wanted to do something, Edd was in Quinton. I looked out the window and saw old Spot and Violets brothers horse Bud. I told Violet, lets go see your mother and dad. Violet said we don’t have any way, I said well lets ride Spot and Bud. Violet said Bell Spot will kill you, and I said no he would not. We decided we would try it, so I saddled Bud and helped Violet on and handed her the two babies, then I saddled up old Spot, which was not so easy, I led him to a stump and climbed on. I finally settled Spot down and rode back to Violet and took one of the babies, I did not have any more trouble from Spot. We rode to Violets parents house and stayed until evening. When we decided to start for home Violets father went down to the creek to see if it was safe for us to cross, we had a big rainstorm a few days before. Just before dark Edd rode in on a friends horse old Poor Boy, he was a tall horse and had real long legs, well Edd was wet and real mad, he told us to get ready to go, but Violets dad made him see how dangerous it was to leave so we stayed all night.

The next morning I was up and had saddled up all three horses and believe it or not he still let me ride Spot, he said, he knew Spot would swim, but didn’t know if Poor Boy would. When we got to the creek Mr. Stockton’s old cows were swimming and trying to get home to be milked. I was scared but I couldn’t complain knowing I may have got Violet in trouble. Ed rode Poor Boy across then he hollered for Violet to come on, she was so scared; she let her feet get in the water. Spot was having a fit to get across so when Violet was safe old spot plunged into the creek and got us across safe. When we all were across, Ed took Spot and headed for home to feed the stock. Violet sold their place and moved to our sister Huldie’s place, they stayed there quite some time then moved to the Gilstrap place between Featherston and Blocker. They lived there until December 1924.

There were five carloads of our family that left in December 1924 on our way to California. Edd and Violet stopped in Arizona to visit her parents, they didn’t stay long, finally they were on their way to California. When Edd and his family arrived in Bakersfield, California, he got a job working for John Trout and they moved to the Boston lease. Then in 1925 another son was born, Clavin Joe. They lived on the Boston lease until 1930 then moved to town on 7th street where their daughter Barbara was born. In 1943 Edd built a house on Decatur Street in Oildale, Ca. and the family moved in. In 1945 Edd and Violet decided to move back to Oklahoma they settled near Lonie, on a farm. Then they bought a little farm near Kinta, then sold out and moved to Stigler and lived there until they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They sold their place in Stigler and moved to Quinton, they lived there until their deaths.