Platt, Beulah Viola

Beulah Viola Platt
Submitted by: Elizabeth Ann (Taylor) Nored, daughter

Beulah Platt was born to Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Frances (Ellis) Platt on 1-25-1904. She was born at Moyers, I.T. where she lived all of her life until the death of her husband, Stewart Simpson Taylor. Then, in July of 1967, she moved into Antlers where she lived until her death at 90 years. She died 2-13-1994. Beulah Viola raised 3 stepchildren and she had 5 of her own. The stepchildren, 2 boys and 1 girl, were older than her children. They are Stewart Simpson, Gertrude Lou and Clyde Eugene Taylor. Her own children are Frances Viola, Lucille Fern, Richard Thomas, Elizabeth Ann and Buddy Harold Taylor. All are still living. Beulah was allotted land in the Choctaw Nation in the amount of 159.98 acres on 8-31-1905. I have all of the documents that show where the land was located. It was commissioned by the Five Civilized Tribes. I, also, have 3 checks issued to Elizabeth F, Platt from the Interior of Indian Bureau in Muskogee, Ok. These checks are in the amount of $1.04 for check #688,309; $.83 for check #711,281 and $1.04 for check #711,371. They are dated in 1926 and were never signed or cashed by her. I have Beulah’s land agreement which states that it was given by the Choctaws and Chickasaw Nation. It was recorded in Book 33, page 249. I also have Beulah’s birth enrollment that was given to her mother by the Dept. of the Interiors. I have my grandmother Elizabeth (Ellis) Platt’s marriage license, also, my mother’s marriage certificate and oddly enough, they were both married in Paris, Texas. My mother has a sister, Sadie (Platt) Ogle, still living. She lives in Fresno, Calif. My mother has two roll numbers because she was enrolled twice and the BIA uses the second enrollment, which cut her bloodline in half, from one half to one fourth. Beulah went to school at Moyers, from the first through the eighth grade. All of her children attended school and graduated from high school there. She enjoyed watching her children play in sports. Her hobbies was embroidering and quilting. See Elizabeth Frances Ellis for more information on the family.