Mowdy, Margaret Idella

Margaret Idella Mowdy Submitted by: Lois Warren Parks and Joyce Warren Childs

Margaret Idella Mowdy was born on March 1, 1892 in Zafra, Indian Territory. She was united in marriage to Andrew Jackson Warren of Clarksville, Arkansas on December 25, 1910 at the home of her parents in Zafra. They lived in a small house on her father’s property for about five years. They later moved to Octavia, Oklahoma on 160 acres of land, allotted to her by the Indian Department. Margaret and Drew started a cattle and horse ranch with $950.00 between the two of them. As the years went by, from this small venture, a large cattle ranch was established, consisting of 600 head of cattle and 400 head of horses. Each spring they turned all the cattle out on the open range into the Kiamichi Mountains. Every fall, all the cattle would be rounded up and the steers would be separated from eh rest of the herd. There would usually be about 200 head of steers driven by a number of cattlemen on horseback, through the mountains to Talihina, Oklahoma to the stockyards to be sold. They were then shipped by train to various destinations. Their children’s names were Myrtle Warren Jackson, Lois Warren Parks, Jessie Warren Nichols, Joyce Warren Childs and Helen Warren. Their grandchildren are Patsy Jackson, Lowell Nichols, Peggy Jackson, Tamra Parks Seiler and Sue Jackson Tallant. It was here on this ranch in the beautiful foothills of the Kiamichi Mountains in southeastern Oklahoma that our parents worked hard, attended church regularly, raised four daughters and set a wonderful example for their children. Many cherished and happy memories of our childhood will abound there forever. They are both laid to rest in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Hatfield, Arkansas.