Morris, Agnes (Enier)

Agnes (Enier) Morris Submitted by: Jonas Watson, son

Agnes (Enier) Morris was born January 3, 1902 in Cedar County, Indian Territory to Mary Einer, the daughter of Emily and Stuick Einer. Mary died four months later and Agnes was adopted by Simeon and Emily Morris of Finley on November 6, 1902. Agnes lived all her life in the area around Snow, Oklahoma. She led a simple life and was devoted to her church and family. Big Lick and Old Cedar churches were those in which she was most active. She had a talent for making people feel at ease and was known to everyone in the community as Granny. Another of her talents was cooking the food Choctaws ate at the turn of the century. In the spring, she gathered and prepared wild onions and poke then in the fall, she gathered hickory nuts and prepared “ton chi laboni”. She often prepared “tonchi banaha” to go with these, but also like to serve banaha all year round. Agnes had six children: Mitchell Williamson, Janie Webster, Frances Webster, Simon Watson, Margaret Watson Frazier (deceased) and Jonas Watson. Agnes Morris died December 16, 1983 but she still lives on in the hearts of her family and friends.