Moore, Lyman Sr.

Lyman Moore, Sr. Submitted by: Michael Crow Taken from the “Chronicles of Oklahoma”

Lyman Moore, Sr. was born in Sumpter County, Alabama and moved to the Indian Territory where he received his education at Fayetteville, Arkansas. He was of Creek descent and his first marriage was to Jenny Annesley. Her parents were Gilbert Annesley, a white man and a Choctaw woman named Lettie. Lyman and Jenny had a daughter, Ella Moore, who married James Barnett also a son, Frank Moore who died near McAlester, Oklahoma. Lyman traveled through the Indian Country buying furs and pelts plus trading with the Indians. The family ran a boarding house at Skullyville, which was also the Choctaw Agency. It was called the Annesley Boarding House. During that time, this as a very flourishing place where Choctaw tribal business was held ant tribal annuities were paid. Skullyville took its name from two Choctaw words “Iskcvli Tamaha” which meant “Money town” in English. After Jenny died, Lyman lived in Van Buren, Arkansas. This was where the United States Court was located and he acted as an interpreter and was able to speak a number of Indian languages. He worked there until it was moved from Van Buren to Ft. Smith, Arkansas. His second marriage was to Frances Eugenia McClain at Skullyville, which was the county seat of Skullyville County, who was born in Sumpter County, Alabama, also. She was born to James and Susan (Moncrief) McClain on August 25, 1844. Susan was of Choctaw and French descent. McLain and his family came to the Choctaw Nation, landing at Fort Coffee, which was a military post on the Arkansas River near Ft. Smith. The living conditions were so unsettled and disturbing that they moved back to Alabama but later returned and built a home on the Poteau River. They brought their Negro slaves with them which so many other Indian families owned the slaves, also. The family lost one sister and an infant daughter during a cholera epidemic. Frances (McClain) Moore received her education at the school for boys and girls at Can Hill, Arkansas as she was growing up. There were seven children born to Lyman Moore Sr. and Frances Eugenia (McClain) Moore. They were: Edgar Allen, Lyman Jr., Herbert McClain, Gertrude, Louis Oliver, Napoleon and Lena Belle.