Moore, Freida Isabella (Ward)

Submitted by Freida Isabelle (Ward) Moore

I was born to Jefferson Davis and Helen Isabelle (Hahn) Ward on March 10, 1903 at Spiro, Indian Territory. My father lived at Skullyville, Indian Territory. I had on sister who was born February 8, 1901 and two brothers who were born July 14, 1907 and December 2, 1908. They were born too late to be enrolled. My father, sister and mother by inter-marriage were all enrolled.

I attended school at Spiro, O.C.W. in Chickasha and Ann Arbor in Michigan. During the summers, I attended schools in Poteau, Norman, Stillwater and Boulder. In 1931, I married Lyman Southard Moore in Talequah and he was an original enrollee, also. Spiro was always our voting place, but we lived in Antlers, Idabel and Canton. Lyman worked with the Oklahoma Highway Department until 1943. Then he wokred with irrigation for the Indian department and lived where he was sent.

I have spent my life teaching school and being a housewife. I have enjoyed crocheting and knitting items that I have lovingly displayed in my home plus giving as gifts. Some of the first wages I remember receiving were $125.00 a month with $30.00 being charged for “Room and Board”.

My mother made out coats, dressed, panties and peticoats. Our father, Jeff D. Ward, was the first mayor of Spiro. The lake along the highway at Spiro was named Ward Lake for my father. He was also an interpreter during the enrollment period. Also, when he was a young man, he carried mail on horseback from Ft. Smith and Skullyille and was a county judge at Skullyville.