Meggs, Elijah E.

Elijah E. Meggs of Fort Towson, Oklahoma Submitted by: James E. Meggs

My father, Elijah E. Meggs was born the 18th day of August, 1898 in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. His parents were Williams M. Meggs and Nancy Idella Ashford. Elijah was born at Meggs Ferry on Red River, which is located five miles south of Fort Towson, Oklahoma. He grew up on the banks of Red River and when he reached school age, he and his older brother Jesse went to the Fort Towson public schools, boarding at Mrs. Thompson’s. Mrs. Thompson was a fine Christian lady and when the author was in Sunday school in the 1920’s at the First Baptist Church in Fort Towson, she again taught a son of a Meggs. Elijah graduated from Fort Towson High School in 1916, working at several jobs including the Palace Drug Store, while attending high school. Since he had been allotted 160 acres of Indian land, he took farming as his vocation. The record of his allotment, dated September 17, 1903 read as follows: Homestead: E/2 of SW/4 of Section 7, T7S, R20 E Land allotted exclusive of Homestead: Lots 3 and 4, Section 7, T7S, R20 E. Lois Marina Jane Robinson and Elijah E. Meggs were married December 22, 1917 at Fort Towson, Oklahoma. Elijah and Lois lived for one year at the old Meggs home place on Lime Kill Hill where their oldest child, Doris was born September 16, 1918. James was born on January 7, 1920 on the farm that his parents had purchased from the Campbell’s. This farm is located about one and one-half miles southeast of Fort Towson and it contained 60 acres. Edna Earle, the youngest child was born on the farm on December 13,