McDonald, Annie Belle (Quinton)

Annie Belle (Quinton) McDonald

Submitted by: Annie Belle (Quinton) McDonald

My name is Annie Belle McDonald, I was born November 8, 1903, 3 ½ miles from Featherston, Oklahoma. My maiden name was Quinton. My father was Joel Quinton, born June 14, 1873 in Arkansas. My mothers name was Katie Quinton, her maiden name was Sloan. She was born April 16, 1873 in Texarkana. Joel and Katie had ten children.

Georgie Leach Reese, born 1890, died in 1935. Elizabeth Quinton Rebalkin, born December 4, 1894, died in 1993. Samuel Edward Quinton, born October 17, 1896, died in 1976. Lillie Quinton Lynch Hughes, born February 16, 1898, died in 1972. Myrtle Quinton Brown, born September 9, 1901. Still living in Lake Isabel, California. Ruben Quinton, born February 15, 1905, died in 1920. Luther Quinton, born November 11, 1907, died in 1968. Sunny Quinton Van Brink, born May 9, 1912, died in 1970. Geraldine Quinton Morrison, born April 13, 1914, still living in Mexico.

All of my sisters and brothers were born in and around Featherston. Myrtle Brown, my sister, and myself are the only two living that have roll numbers. When I was about nine years old, my father built us a farm house four miles from Featherston. He also built us a schoolhouse in our pasture, which was about one quarter mile from our house. We had a wonderful school; our first teacher was Ethel Randolph. Then we had Miss Hoover, Flossey Wallace and Ethel Harway. Our music teachers were Ruby McFall and Mrs. Stingley. We had 35 to 40 children that attended our school. On our farm we had seven acres of peach trees, all kinds of livestock and chickens and wonderful gardens. In our most buy of times Papa had three to five hired hands that helped. He paid $1.00 a day that was good pay in those days. My mother made most of our clothes, we always had plenty to eat and we were all neat and clean. In 1920 my brother Ruben died of Anthrax. It was hard for my mother to get over the death of my brother, so we left the farm. Papa bought us a house in town so all of us cold go to school there; I was in High School at that time. Also, in 1920 people began moving away, they closed our little school and the children that were left had to go to school at the colored settlement. In 1922 we all moved back to our farmhouse, Papa remodeled it and added an upstairs. I was wonderful. Also, in 1922 I met and married Arlie Rae. It only lasted a short time, I never moved away from our farm. There was plenty of work to be done, we traded with Joe Curts in town on credit and when the crops were in we paid up. When flour was hard to come by, we ate corn bread, then raised our own wheat. I would take it to McAlester and trade for flour. Growing up on that farm was the happiest time of my life; we always had lots of good friends and lots of music in our house. In 1924 we sold our farm and headed for California. We left on December 4th so we would arrive before Christmas. We had five cars with all of our family members. Our destination in California was Oil Center, just north of Bakersfield. We finally settled in Bakersfield and bought a hotel, not for business, we needed it for family members. It was hard work but lots of fun. In 1925 I met Leroy McDonald and we got married in Fresno, California. We moved to Oil Center and Leroy worked in the oilfields and we lived in an oil lease. My folks sold the hotel and moved back to Oklahoma. We lived on the oil lease for two years, our first child, Katie, was born there eat home in