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William Jourdan was born northeast of Clarksville, Texas on 3 November 1869. He attended Whiteman’s Chapel and Annona Schools and received his diploma from the Little Rock Commercial College in Arkansas on 3 June 1890. He began his commercial career at the age of eleven as a clerk for his father David C. Whiteman. William Jourdan moved to the Goodwater, Red River County, I.T., area in 1893, the following year he opened his store in the almost all-Indian community. Mr. Whiteman has been referred to as a genius for merchandising and in any general line of business.

He was President of Whiteman Mercantile Company with stores at Goodwater, Jadie and Haworth in McCurtain County. On 3 December 1894 he was appointed postmaster at Goodwater and was postmaster there so long that no one can remember anyone else holding that position. He served on the local school board and the McCurtain County School Board Association and was a charter member of that group. He married on 2 August 1896 at Pleasant Hill to Mattie Josephine Harris the youngest daughter of Choctaw Supreme Court Judge Henry C. and Margaret Elizabeth Harris.

He was a member of the first grand Jury in McCurtain County after statehood along with his brother-in-law Bert S. Harris and cousin W.H. Pipkin. William Jourdan was active in Choctaw Politics. He drew up the bill in 1898 presented by Chief Green McCurtain forbidding citizens of the Nation to sell pine timber from their reserve banks. He ran for a representative from McCurtain County and in 1904 he was a delegate to the notable convention at Tuskahoma that nominated Thomas Hunter for Governor of the Choctaw Nation. This brought on the famous feud between the Hunter and McCurtain factions, finally ending when the military authorities compelled the Hunter faction to vacate the national capitol in favor of McCurtain.

Mr. Whiteman owned cotton Gins at Goodwater, and Haworth, owned farming interests in many different parts of McCurtain County, was a charter director of the First Nation Bank of Idabel and a Director and President of the First National Bank of Haworth. He was a member of the Haworth Mercantile Company, the Haworth Publishing Company, and the Southern Oklahoma Abstract Company of Idabel, among many other pioneer businesses in the County.

Mattie Josephine Harris was born on 26 July 1880 into the “Harris Home Place� at Pleasant Hill. She was the 11th child and the youngest to live to adulthood. Her father was an illustrious and prominent member of the Choctaw Tribe. Her father’s uncles were Chief Peter P. Pitchlynn, and Chief Samuel Garland (see Lena B. “Harris� Swink). Mattie and Wm. Jourdan were married at the Pleasant Hill home of her parents by her father, Judge Henry Churchill Harris. Mattie’s sister Lena had married David Randall Swink, who founded the Town of Swink just as William Jourdan pioneered the Goodwater community. W.J. Whiteman was a partner of David Randall’s in the first mercantile store in the Town of Swink. A Whiteman cousin J.M. Herd, worked for William Jourdan at Goodwater and moved north to the Town of Swink, bought the mercantile store from the partners and remained in that community. Mattie and W. J. had 8 children, Maggie Elizabeth named for her Mother in 1897. Mary Lena, named for her sister in 1901, Henry Alexander in 1903, William Jourdan Jr. in 1906, David C. in 1908, Mattie Beatrice in 1910, Bessie Angaline in 1912 and Adolphs Lee in 1917.

Mr. Whiteman was a member of the Red River Rifles, a volunteer company of Texas militia; he often attended the annual encampments at San Antonio and Austin. He was also prominent in the Masonic Lodge. He was Master of Goodwater Lodge No. 148, for 8 years and was a member of the Garvin Chapter of the Royal Arch Masons; belonged to the Indian Consistory of the thirty-second degree Scottish rite, at McAlester and to the Bedouin Temple of the Mystic Shrine at Muskogee. He often attended the annual old timers reunion at the home of James Wood Kirk near Garvin with family members, Walter C. Harris, Bert S. Harris, David Swink, John Kirby, W.W. Swink, Dave Kirby, Dr. W.H. McBrayer and Congressman Paul Stewart.

Maggie Elizabeth Whiteman was born on 2 August 1897 in Goodwater, Choctaw Nation. She married William (Will) L. Barrick, they had 5 children, Dorothy Barrick Hamil, Ethel Barrick, Marie Barrick, James Barrick and William Barrick.

Mary Lena Whiteman was born on 23 March 1901 also at Goodwater. She married Carl S. Prewitt, they had 3 children, he became a Judge in McCurtain County, OK. Their children are: Mary Prewitt, Leonard Prewitt, and James H. Prewitt, who lives in Little Rock, AR.

Henry Alexander Whiteman was born 27 July 1903 in Goodwater, Red River Co., Choctaw Nation. He married Nora Willis, they had one son, Henry Herbert Whiteman born in 1927 at Goodwater. Henry Herbert married Celia Tovar, they have 4 children, Tommy Victor, Herbert Alex, David Richard, and Mary Ellen Whiteman Jenkins. Henry and Nora were divorced and he died in Alabama in 1986.

William Jourdan Jr., was born on 28 December 1907 and married Nora Barrick. They had 3 children, Bennie Whiteman, Leo Whiteman and Richard Whiteman. David C. Whiteman was born 17 November 1908, he married Miss Jimmie Lou Lewis and they had 3 children David Charles, Corda Sue Whiteman and Elizabeth Ann Whiteman. David C. married again and he and Helen had Gary Don Whiteman and Brenda Whiteman. Mattie Beatrice Whiteman, born 10 October 1910 married Mr. C. Riddles, they had no children Bessie Angaline Whiteman, was born on 6 January 1912 and she married John Dyer 26 August 1933 in Goodwater. They had 11 children, Nell Dyer, John Dyer, Gene Dyer, Ted Dyer, Florene Dyer Shenold, Wyota Dyer Talbert, Sherley Dyer Griner, Linda Dyer Morrison, Debbie Dyer Lujan, Joyce Dyer NcNair and Geneva Dyer Shumaker.

Adolphs Lee Whiteman, was born 11 May 1917 in the Whiteman House in Goodwater, just as all his other brothers and sisters had been. He married Delcie Pursell and they had 5 children. Shirlene Whiteman Loucks, Jerry Lee Whiteman, Beatrice Irene Whiteman, Kenneth Dale Whiteman and Franklin Bob Whiteman.

William Jourdan Whiteman died in the hospital in Paris, Texas on 22 August 1934 and is buried in the Harris Cemetery in McCurtain County. Mattie Josephine Harris Whiteman died at Goodwater on 25 January 1956 and is also buried in the Harris Cemetery, which is near both Goodwater and Pleasant Hill where she was born. Maggie Elizabeth died in June of 1965 in Idabel, McCurtain Co. Mary Lena died on 3 February 1959 and she and her husband Judge Carl Prewitt are buried in the broken Bow Cemetery, McCurtain Co., Oklahoma. William Jourdan Jr. died in 1906 and is buried in the Harris Cemetery. David C. Whiteman died on 15 May 1967 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Mattie Beatrice died in March of 1931 and Bessie Angaline died in 1955 and is buried in Redland Cemetery, McCurtain Co., Oklahoma, as is Adolphs Lee who died on 14 February 1983.

*The following change was submitted by Gary Whiteman on May 9, 2009. David C. Whiteman was born 17 NOvember 1908, he married Miss Jimmie Sue Lewis and they had three children, David Charles Whiteman, Cordie Sue Whiteman and Elizabeth Ann Whiteman. David C. married again and he and Helen Hollis Masters had four children, Gary Ray Whiteman, Don Wayne Whiteman, Michael Wallace Whiteman, and Brenda Kay Whiteman.