Loring, Sibby

Sibby Loring Submitted by: Joyce Mae (Tallant) Lovell, great granddaughter of Sibby Loring & John Riley Hunt, from Joplin Missouri

Daughter of Solaman Loring and Luci (Hopper) Loring. Luci passed away when Sibby was just a young child. Sibby had no brothers or sisters. She was born in Mississippi and ended up in an orphanage in Texas where she was living when she met John Riley Hunt. They were married in 1910 and moved to Boswell, Oklahoma. They had eight children: Beatrice (Bee), deceased; Netty June, deceased: Nellie Joe of Bakersfield, California; Lizzy Inez of Bakersfield, California; Rosco of Bakersfield, California; John William, deceased; Osapher, deceased; and Loretta, deceased. They owned a blacksmith shop in Boswell. Sibby moved with her husband to Vallejo, California during WWII. They moved to Bakersfield, California in 1946 where they resided until they took the journey to the other side. Sibby lived to be 96 years of age. Sibby grew and used herbs for medicines. She never learned how to read or write but she did speak fluent English. Sibby and John belong to he Assembly of God Church. She pieced quilts and played piano in church. She used to tell a story about her father which has never been confirmed as to whether it is true or just a story. She said that there father was hung in Boswell for killing the Allen boys because they stole and butchered his hogs. She said her father cut out their eyes and wore them on his belt and they named a lake there after them, “Allen Lake”. This story has been complied by Joyce (Tallant) Lovell, granddaughter of Lizzy Inez and the 1st great grandchild of Sibby Loring. Joyce (Tallant) Lovell had three children: Tonya Rickey; Timothy Rickey, and Kenard Rickey. Tonya Rickey was the first great great grandchild of Sibby Loring.