Lafette, James Nimrod

James Nimrod Lafette Submitted by: Hazel Soden Gainer

James Nimrod married Ellen Floyd and they had 12 children: Lovica Q. Blackwood; Lillie Henson; James Quinton; Ethel Ashmore; Hazel Soden; Alice Shapley; Myrtle Mann; Lavern Quinton; Mary Palmer; Leo Quinton; Joseph Quinton; Willis Quinton. James killed a bear when he wasn’t big enough to hold it up so he had to lay it on a stump. My grandmother use to talk about how he raised his brothers and sisters for Grand Pa has passed on. He was a good and dearest man always. He seen that everyone was always cared for. He went to work at sunrise and came in late then would always go take care of his watermelon patch. Mom was the only one who he let help him with his watermelons. He raised big fields of corn, cane higear, big patches of Irish and sweet potatoes. He always had a large bunch of new claves to mark and brand in the spring. He died May 30, 1940 in McAlester, Ok.