Krebs, Minnie Lee

Minnie Lee Krebs Submitted by: Eva Malone, daughter

Minnie Lee Krebs attended the Tuskahoma School for girls at Tuskahoma, Indian Territory. Later she married Dave Gibson on April 29, 1909 who was an original enrollee, also. They had three children; Eva Eddie bell Gibson Malone, Lorene Bonner Holland and James Tandy Gibson (enrolled) died at Seminole, Oklahoma on July 18, 1971 and is buried at Seminole. Dave was killed October 30, 1944 and eight years later, Minnie married O.V. Marshall. In 1971, Minnie died and three weeks later, Mr. Marshall died. Her grandchildren: Joneil Malone Burris; Klynne David Stone; James David Gibson; Ronnie Lee Gibson; Joanna Kay Wright.