Kendrick, Mary Stokes

Mary Stokes Kendrick
Submitted by: Robert L. (Bob) Wright, son.

Mary Stokes Kendrick was born to Dr. W.D. Kendrick and Martha Patsy (Spring) Kendrick, on October 2, 1900 approximately four miles N.W. of Hugo, Indian Territory. She was the youngest of nine children and the only one living. She married Allen Hulbert (Squeeze) Wright in 1915 or 1916. Dr. Kendrick was born 01-12-1894 at Poteau, Indian Territory.
They had four children. They were: William Thomas Wright; Eugenia Wright Almond; Juanita L. Wright, Morris, Marsh; Robert Lee Wright, born 08-28-1926 at Okmulgee, Oklahoma.
Brothers and sisters of Mary Stokes (Kendrick) Wright were: William W. (Bill), Annie Mae married J.L. Cash; Henry Lamar married Viola Newman; Lelia Jane; John Gordon married Edna Griffith; Emma Ester born 09-14-1895 and married W.H. Andrews; Mamie Hattie born 12-30-1897 and died 06-22-1992.
Mary and Squeeze moved back to Oleta in 1928 but it wasn’t Oleta until around 1936 or 1937. They bought the land in 1918 and Mary still lives there. Squeeze died 08-20-1980. Mary was always a housewife, took care of her husband, children and the home. There was always food to be picked, cooked and canned; clothes to be washed and ironed plus many other things.
Her grandfather was William (Willie) Spring and her grandmother was June (LeFlore) Spring. They were the parents of Martha Patsy, Mary’s mother plus nine other children. They were: Frances, born 07-05-1853 and died 06-15-??; John Sr., born 07-01-1860 and died 05-13-1937. He first married Nancy McCoy then married Dora Isabell Elrod; Jane, born in 1861 and died 05-25-1861 so she died as an infant; Willie, born 01-01-1862 or 1864 and died 11-21-1927. He married Harriet (Hattie) Self. She was born 04-24-1866 and died 07-31-1939; Mary Jane, born 06-1866 or 1867 and died 08-10-1869; Sophia born 06-22-1872 and died 10-28-1904 or 1906. She married Lee Ratliff. Annie Mae, born 06-22-1872 and died 08-28-1892 or 1896. She married William Rice; Basel, born around 1901 and died 08-25-1967 at the age of 66; Susan (no data except her second marriage was to Isaac LeFlore).
Willie had a general store at the Old Goodland and later moved it to Hugo, in the neighborhood of the present Choctaw Housing Authority. The old well is supposed to still be there. I regret that I never got on tape, Mother’s history of Hugo and its merchants. All of her family’s allotments were northwest of Hugo and along the railroad tracks. Aunt Mamie’s farm was rented for two or three years by Pony Starr which was a brother to Belle Starr. Mother said he was a nice looking young man and rode beautiful horses. Also, he as quiet and dint associate with anyone around him. The Roebucks and Springs were all inter married. When the big Tribal Battle was fought at Antlers. Grandpa was one of the doctors who helped patch them up. Chief Green McCurtain commissioned him at the Medical examiner of the Choctaw Nation, which was signed and executed on October 25, 1899. Mother said that Joel Spring started the Spring Chapel Cemetery. Mother said it was because Willie Spring started letting people, who was poor be buried there. I do not know positively that this is a fact but she has outlived them all so no one can dispute her so I take it as a fact.
Mary’s children and grandchildren: 1. William Thomas Wright married Verna Roark and their children are Mary Beth Wright Cahoon and William Thomas Wright; 2. Eugenia Wright married Robert Almand and their children are Norma Jean, Chris Garry, Harold and Robert Almand and their children are Norma Jean, Chris, Garry, Harold and Robert Almand; 3. Juanita L. Wright Morris and second husband, John Marsh Jr. Children are Alvin J., Donald J. and Terry Morris; Robert L. Wright, second marriage to Margie Louise Anderson and the children re Margie Ann, Robert L., Dorothy Daisy, Eugene Lee and Raymond Allen Wright.