Kelly, Louis V.

Louis V. Kelly
Submitted by: Betsy Lueke

Louis V. Kelly (later known as Victor M. Kelley), nickname “Choc” Kelly) or (Kelly). Born October 31, 1887 in Indian Territory and Died July 26, 1958.
Jobs: Football Coach Carlisle Indian School; Football Coach – So. Methodist University; Physical Education Teacher/ Administrator Hollywood High School (Los Angeles, CA) 1924-38; Woodrow Wilson High School 1938-53. He also worked during summers (school vacations) for 20th Century/Fox Studios and Technical Director on football movies.
Schools: Attended Jones Academy, Presbyterian College, Texas A&M, Carlisle Indian School.
Hobby: Golf
Etc: Noted, in Texas for a freak football play in 1907 as quarterback running 200-247 yards (depending on narrator) chronicled by Ripley’s “Believe It or Not”, Hix’s “Strange As It Seems” and others for a touchdown for Texas A&M in 1907 …Captain of baseball team at Texas A&M, 1908…. As a gentleman jockey he competed in horse races in 1911 in Muskogee, Oklahoma….Played football at Carlisle Indian School with Jim Thorpe…Succeeded Glenn “Pop” Warner at Carlisle as Football Coach for one year before school was closed.
Family: Father: James Kelly 03-03-1848 – 11-25-1924. Mother: Selina J. Richards Kelly (3/4 Choctaw) 08-02-1860 – 12-21-1915 Sister: Ida E. Kelly Spring born 1881 – enrolled 1896, 1902. Wife: Fern Collins Kelly, a descendant of Betsy Ross, designer of first U.S. flag, also a descendant of George Ross, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Married In Muskogee, Oklahoma on June 19, 1912. Lived in Durant, Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona. Settled in Hollywood, CA. and lived there for 38 years. Son: Victor M. (“Vic”) Kelley Jr., born May 12, 1013. Worked for the University of California at Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) for 26 years as Sports Information Director. He was Golf Coach for 27 years. He retired in 1981 and became UCLA’s Sports Historian. He was elected to UCLA’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1989. Daughter: Betsy R. Kelly Lueke, born August 17, 1919. 38 years employee for the City of Burbank (California) Park & Recreation Department as Coordinator of Visual & Performing Arts Program. Retired in 1993. Grandchildren: Linda Lueke Oseransky, born 03-25-1946; Kelley R. Lueke, born 06-28-1947. Great Grandchildren: Brady Griffin, Jamie Lueke, Scott Lueke, Seth Oseransky. Great Great Great Grandfather: Greenwood LeFlore. The Only answer to your question about Greenwood LeFlore that I can give is from a note I have in my father’s handwriting that indicates that Greenwood LeFlore was his Great Great Great Grandfather. My father also attended Jones Academy, probably in the early 1900’s. I would be interested in any documents or information you could furnish me about the years my father was at Jones Academy. Relatives of Louis V. Kelly Father; James J. Kelly, Father: Robert Kelly, Mother: Sarah Kelly, Mother: Selina J. Kelly, Father: Thompson Timahaya, Mother: Delilah Anderson, Sister: Ida E. Spring, Niece: Edith Gayzelle Spring born November 12, 1901 enrolled December 4, 1901. Father: Joseph B. Spring.