Jones, Noel

Noel Jones Submitted by: Ruth Morris, great granddaughter

Noel Jones (born approximately 1837) Mary married (Maiden name unknown) Jones and both were full blood Choctaw. Noel was enrolled. But the number for Mary is unknown. A daughter, named Narcissa Jones, was born approximately in the year of 1882, to them and her married name was Wilson. She died 07-28-1909. There were three boys born to her. They were: Clarence Monroe Wilson, born 12-07-1900; Walter Green, born 08-29-1902; and Noel J. Wilson, born 11-17-1904. He passed away 01-24-1994. The three boys were ½ Choctaw. There was also a daughter named Mittie Mae Wilson, born 05-13-1907 and died 12-25-1984. Record received later show that Narcissa married a non-Indian by the name of S.W. Wilson on 12-06-1899 at Lane, Indian Territory. He was born 07-25-1866 and died 06-18-1953. To this union, there were ten children: Eugene Waddie, born 04-19-1923, died 05-15-1977 Aubrey Delbert, born 03-23-1925, died 12-19-1983 Marjorie Nadean Wilson Warford, born 03-29-1927, died 12-12-1958 Edith Jewel Wilson Wood Soester, born 01-04-1929 G.E. (Peno), born 06-06-1931 Noel James, Jr., born 05-31-1934, died 06-24-1938 Ferman Dewayne, born 04-07-1937 Ruth Ellen Wilson Morris, born 03-06-1940 E.L. Louise Wilson Bingham, born 04-18-1943 Kenneth Harold (Butch), born 10-21-1946

There are 27 grandchildren: Delores Jean Wilson, born 02-27-1949; Joe Harold Wilson, born 01-28-1951; Audrey Ann Wilson Miller, born 07-15-1945; Patricia Marie Wilson Jameson, born 07-05-1947; Sarah Louise (Sallie) Wilson Buckelew Hallows, born 06-27-1948; Jeannie Marie Wilson Mobley, born 12-27-1948; Patricia Ann Wilson Valdez, born 04-09-1950; Deborah Ann Wilson Cates, born 12-22-1954; Elizabeth Fran Wilson Pruitt Schulp, born 10-20-1956; Patricia Ann Warford Bonds Musick, born 07-16-1947; Ronnie Eugene Warford, born 10-27-1948; Carolyn Sue Warford Wold, born 05-07-1950; Alice June Wood Puente, born 08-16-1948; Teresa Lynn Wilson White, born 12-07-1956; David Stewart Wilson, born 08-20-1959; Carla Ann Wilson Williams, born 05-26-1962; Vickie Arlette Wilson Williams, born 04-19-1964; Emmett Dwayne Wilson, born 06-01-1961; Marlin Darrell Wilson, born 01-02-1972, died 01-02-1972; Pamela Sue Morris Heflin Pearce, born 07-14-1957; Peggy LaRue Morris Daniel dean, born 10-19-1958; Angela Kay Morris Mullen, born 08-30-1962; Michael Wayne Bingham, born 03-22-1961; James Anthony (Tony) Bingham, born 12-08-1966; Shawnda Rena Wilson Ables, born 05-18-1968; Buck Wilson, born 06-30-1968; Misty Dawn Wilson, born 07-07-1975. There are 54 great grandchildren and 27 great great grandchildren.