Jones, Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Jones Submitted by: Clara Mae (Carol) Arndt Collis, granddaughter

Mary Ellen Jones Arndt was born within the Choctaw Nation at Spiro, Oklahoma, Indian Territory. Her parents were Benjamin Franklin Jones, a Choctaw and Jinnie C. Jones, a Cherokee. Mary Ellen and her parents moved to Tobusky County, Indian Territory, prior to the birth of one son Benjamin F. The stories passed down through the family were that her father was a law officer in McAlester, Oklahoma. He was killed over a political dispute September 13, 1876 at North McAlester. He was buried at North McAlester Cemetery. Mary Ellen and William Arndt married December 19, 1890. They had five sons: Samuel, William, Frederick, Joseph, and Jerone Gordon. They also had three daughters: Myrtle, Fannie, and Aran Lee. Mary Ellen and her children were enrolled on the Choctaw Roll. Allotment patent was filed on March 24, 1906. Mary Ellen’s allotment in now Blue Community. Mary Ellen and William built a log home and had a small store. The store was a great asset to the community. They later built a large five-bedroom home with a sleeping porch the length of the house. They had a large cistern and cellar; their home was always opened to the teachers. In the late 1800’s she buried her baby among the Oaks by what was believed to be an unmarked grave of a Civil War soldier, the headstones are unmarked. This is now Blue Cemetery where she and several family members are buried. With all the families moving in, the one room log school was overflowing. Two acres was given on the north side of the home place for a school, which was also used for a church. William and Mary Ellen lived n McAlester, Oklahoma at the time of their death.