Jones, Mary Elizabeth (Roberts)

Mary Elizabeth (Roberts) Jones

Her father was George Roberts and he came from Arkansas. He was part Irish and that is about all I know about my grandfather except that he had a roll number. He was not Indian but he married Ann Boswell, a member of the Choctaw tribe and she had to go through he tribal council to get approval to marry a white man. Grandpa had to pay $300.00 and was given head right and received 40 acres of land. This was before they gave out roll numbers. Then, when roll number were given out, George Roberts received his. Ann Boswell Roberts was her mother and she belonged to the Choctaw tribe was born at Boswell, I.T. Her father and another man by the name of “Highberger or Hyberger’ were railroad people and they came to the place called Boswell which was named after great grandpa. He established the town. George Roberts and Ann Bowell had three girls: Myrtle, Estell and Mary Elizabeth Roberts and all three had roll numbers but my grandmother died before they gave out roll numbers. Grandpa George Roberts remarried shortly after her death. Mary Elizabeth was my mother. Mary Elizabeth Roberts married Jesse Edwards Jones 12-21-1919 at Purcell, Okla. She was born in 8-21-1899 and died 6-2-1981. She was buried at Allen, Okla. Moher was raised at Dibble, I.T., Okla. And attended school at St. Elizabeth Indian School at Purcell, Okla. She took a lot of kidding from eh kids at school, because with her father being Irish descent, she had curly hair and blue eyes. This was real hard on mother. She was a homemaker, took care of us kids and worked on the farm. Mother did all of the sewing for our family. Mother was a good cook and all of the kinfolks came to our house for Christmas plus any other time they could. Mother gave birth to 11 children. One was born dead and one lived 24 hours so she raised 9 children.