Jones, Jesse Edward & Mary Elizabeth (Roberts)

Jesse Edward Jones and Mary Elizabeth (Roberts) Jones Submitted by: Jottie Lee Jones Epley, daughter

The story of Jesse Edward Jones will be told first with the story of my mother to follow.

My Great great great grandparents names were Drury Airington, who was born 05-03-1785 in Lancaster, S.C. and his wife’s name was Cathleen Nany R. who was born in Catawa, Ind. In the year of 1786. To this union one son, Drury Airington Jr. who was born in 1823 at Tomlinson, Ark. He married Elizabeth (??). This was my great great grandparents. They had three sons and two daughters: William, John, Levi, Mary, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born 04-07-1854. Elizabeth J. Airington married Archibald Jackson Steve Barnett in 1867. He was born in Hickory Flats, Miss., 06-08-1849 and died 03-18-1923. Elizabeth died in 1937. Archibald and Elizabeth were our great grandparents. They settled at Dibble Creek. He was a farmer, also a Baptist preacher. His church was called the “Barnett prairie Church” as he donated the land for the church site. They are both buried in the Dibble Cemetery at Dibble, Oklahoma. They had 17 children and one of their girls was named Mary Elizabeth Barnett. She was born 01-10-1873 at Caddo, Indian Territory, Choctaw Nation and married Frank Pierce Jones, Sr. He came from Missouri and was born in the month of April in the year of 1852. He was a farmer, also a Missionary Baptist minister. He married a woman by the name of pounds and they had one son, Henry Clinton Jones, born 02-12-1881 at Gainsville, Texas and he died 05-07-1961 in Los Angeles, California. One other son, Oliver Jones was born in October of 1882 in Texas. Then my grandfather married Mary Elizabeth, which is my grandmother, I the year of 1888. She was born 01-10-1873, north of Caddo, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory. She died at Steedman, Oklahoma 04-17-1932 and is buried at Allen Cemetery at Allen, Oklahoma. My grandfather and grandmother had six children: Arthur Lee, born 03-05-1888 in Caddo, Indian Territory and died 09-16-1916 at Allen, Oklahoma; Margaret E., born 9-16-1892, north of Allen, Indian Territory and died in May 1972 in Fullerton, California; Wyatt Marion, born 08-02-1893, north of Allen, Indian Territory; Jesse Edward, born 05-24-1896, north of Allen, Indian Territory; Frank Pierce, Jr., born in 1901, north of Allen, Indian Territory and died 07-28-1852. Then, my grandmother married a man by the name of Tom W. Grant and they had one son, George Grant. I do not have nay information on him except that he was buried north of Allen, Indian Territory. Then my grandmother married for the third time to Birdie M. Cranford and they had a son, Orel B. Crawford. He was born north of Allen, Indian Territory and died at Allen, Oklahoma. They are still on the rolls. My daddy, Jesse Edward Jones married Mary Elizabeth Roberts 12-21-1919 at Purcell, Oklahoma. My daddy attended school at Allen, Oklahoma. Then when World War I started he joined the Navy. He served on a ship for three years, all time he was writing to my mother but this was before they were married. When daddy got out of the Navy, he married her and they lived at Dibble, Oklahoma. Daddy was a farmer then he and mother moved to Minco, Oklahoma. Daddy was still farming but times were very hard so he got a job on the side. He sold sewing machines while farming and this helped the family. This helped the family in more ways than one. While it brought in a little money, mother also had a sewing machine to make clothes fur us kids. Mother made all of our clothes out of flour and feed sacks. Back them; flour and feed came in printed sacks. The sugar came in white sacks, which our underwear was made out of. People bought flour and sugar in 100# sacks and tried to match patterns in the printed sacks, in order to have enough material of the same pattern to make any dress or whatever. Then, my daddy bought a “Model T” truck and went to Seminole, Oklahoma and went to work for Atlantic Oil Company. Mother stayed on the farm and then mother told Daddy she would live in a tent if she had to but she wanted to be with him. Daddy got a two-room tent and moved Mother to Seminole with him. This was called the “Seminole Boom” Then after that; Daddy was the only one around Allen that had two paint horses fro a working team. The W.P.A. started up and wanted to use Daddy’s horses so he hired his horses out to the W.P.A. but he quit letting them use the horses because he thought they were working them to hard. Then Daddy moved to Ada, using a wagon and team plus driving the cattle and his livestock for 17 miles from Allen to Ada. He was still farming all the while. Then Daddy got with Clark and Clouden Oil Company and moved to Owen Prairie, Oklahoma where he worked fro seven or eight years. Then Daddy got on with Cox and Hammon Oil Company and we moved to Fox and Wirt, Oklahoma. From there, we went to Velma, Oklahoma. Daddy lived at Velma until he retired at the age of 64 when he had a stroke. He lived four more years and at the time of his death, he was living at Bradley, Oklahoma. He died 10-14-1964 and is buried at Allen, Oklahoma. Mother and Daddy had 11 children: Joan Toy, Joel Otto, Jonsey Joyce, Juanita Joe, Jane Etta, Jottie Lee, Juna Le, Jeraldine Sue, Jerry Haskel, Joella Darline, and Johnnie Fay. They had 33 grandchildren and an unknown number of great grandchildren.