Jones, James Asa & Lou

James Asa and Lou Jones

Lou Jones was born September 1876 at San Bois, Indian Territory. Her Dawes enrollment card shows her father as Walker Russell (half Cherokee) and her mother as Viney Russell (half Choctaw). Her bible shows her mother’s name as Vinnie Viola Russell. She had a brother; William Russell was born in 1872. Her mother separated from Walker Russell and married a Thomas Walls. An 1885 census of the Choctaw Nation lists a Thomas Walt and a Levina Walt. In the same household were listed a William and a Louisa Russell. (The census taker obviously made a mistake on the last name and spelled it Walt, rather than walls). Thomas and Levina had two daughters, Martha and Jincy Walls, who was Lou’s half sisters. This is proven by a Dawes roll card for Thomas Walls, which lists as daughters Martha Colliers and Jinsey Walls, both being ¼ Choctaw and their mother’s name being Louvina Walls (dead). Lou Russell married James Asa Jones, born in Mississippi in January 1873. He became a citizen of the Choctaw Nation by marriage, in August 1889 at Eufaula, Indian Territory. She and her husband lived for a number of years in eastern portion of Indian Territory near Eufaula. Here two of their neighbors were Belle Starr and Sam Bass. They got land allotments in the Chickasaw Nation at what is now Fitzhugh, Oklahoma and lived there a number of years before moving to Grady County near Tuttle, sometime between 1910 and 1920. Here they farmed and raised horses and mules which were sold to the Army remount station at El Reno. Her husband died in 1935 and she died in August 1956. Pictures taken when she and her husband were in their twenties show a very handsome couple. They had ten children, six of whom were original enrollees, two of the children died very young. The grandchildren and great grand children are scattered from the east to west coast. The enclosed picture, taken about 1927 shows eight of their children. The six on the right are original enrollee, and the two on the left being born after the Dawes roll was completed; they are arranged by age from the youngest on the left to the oldest on the right. All those in the picture are now deceased. Information on Original Enrollees by the Choctaw Nation Lou Russell Jones,

Children: Andrew Walker Jones, Nina Maude Jones Standridge, Willie Eva Jones Ford, Harry Dewitt Jones, Russell Ray Hones, Acy Louis Jones, Matt Mattison Jones (born after Dawes roll completed). Grandchildren: An (*) Indicates a citizen of the Choctaw Tribe Lou Jones McNeff, Eva Jones Jettson, James Thomas Jones, Myrl Jack Jones, James W. Jones *, Matta Lou Jones Fetters, Ali Jean Jones Savage, Delores Jones Stevens *, James Acy Jones *, Billie Jean Jones Dunn, Dan Jones, Van Jones *, Lawrence Wayne Jones *, Lahoma Delight Jones Case, Dewitt Jones, Matt Mattison Jones, Jr., Ray Laverne Garrison Fry, Betty Jo Anne Garrison McMahan, Ronald Bruce Garrison, Elbert Owen Standridge, Acy Wyght Standridge, Oscar J. Standridge, Wilcie Eva Standridge Tolliver, Jack Dale Standridge, Donald Bruce Standridge.

Andrew Walker Jones

Children: Lou Jones McNeff, Eva Jones Jettson, James Thomas Jones, Clyde Dewitt Jones, Grandchildren: David Lee McNeff, Dennis Andrew McNeff, Donnie Earl McNeff, Donnie Earl McNeff, Donnie Earl McNeff, Deborah Louise M. Norton, Daylia Sue McNeff, Richard earl McNeff, Rhonda Louis McNeff Layman, Pamela Ann Jones, Daniel Ray Jones, Sandrea Gail Jones Womack, Glanda Dianne Jones, Willie Eva Jones Ford. Children: Dotie Ford, Cecil Ford. Grandchildren: None. Harry Dewitt Jones, Children: Myrl Jack Jones, Grandchildren: Unknown. Russell Ray Jones, Children: Matta Lou Jones Fetters, James W. Jones, Ali Jean Jones, Delores Jones Stevens. Grandchildren: Tommy Ray Haney, Ronald Eugene Haney, James W. Jones, Ali Jean Jones, Delores Jones, Jr. Viola May J. Ogle, Viola Jean J. James, Cynthia Joanne J. Duval, Glyndia Moine S. Harris, Patrica S., Bonnie Lee Stevens Jr., Mark Stevens, Cord Lynn Stevens, Acy Louis Jones, Children: James Acy Jones, Billie Jean Jones Dunn, Dan Jones, Van Jones, Lawreance Wayne Jones, Lahoma Delight Jones Case, Grandchildren: Van Eugene Jones, Terry Lynn Jones Limerick, Richard David Miller, Danica J. Dunn, Patricia L. Dunn, Michael Mathew Jones, Mark Allen Jones, Darrell Jones, Randy Jones, Gary Dan Jones, Rickie James Case, Keith Allen Case, Sharon Jean Case Waite.