Jones, Charles Jefferson

Charles Jefferson Jones Submitted by: James A. Jones, grandson “Charles Jefferson Jones was born in 1867 to Alex Jones (born about 1845) and Paralee Guy, at Skullyville, Indian Territory. Charles had Roll #449 and his brother Alexander had Roll #14983. Charles first marriage was to Lizzy Young, then to Ella Reeves. Charles and Ella had two girls, Veda, Roll #451 and Velda May, Roll #451. Both numbers were cancelled because both died in 1902 while a few months old. Charles then married Joe Ella Lawson, my grandma. They had three kids. Charles Alexander, Roll #NB509, born 06-24-1905. There were two girls who were born too late to be enrolled. Alexander Jones was born in 1869 and married Mattie Water. They had one son, Fred Jones but did not have a roll number. My great grandfather, Alex Jones, was shot and killed some time before 1885 at Skullyville, Indian Territory, according to the testimony of one of his sons when they applied for enrollment.”

Family Updates and Corrections by Robert R. “Bob” Curlee are available in the attached PDF file