Johnson, Maud


Maiden name unavailable. Submitted by: Maudie Daniel

Maud was 1/8 Choctaw (Roll #8030) and married J. P. Johnson. Three daughters, original enrollees, listed below.

Ola (Johnson) Intone. Ola (Johnson) and Earnest Intone lived a short time in Oklahoma, then moved to Folsom, New Mexico where they opened the old Folsom Hotel for the railroad hands. To them was born one daughter in Oklahoma, then Earnestine, then three daughters, Wanetta, Anletta, and Matalie, were born in New Mexico. After they retired from the hotel, they lived in Raton, New Mexico until their death.

Sadie (Johnson) Honey-Cogburn. Sadie married John Honey in Oklahoma. To them was born two daughters, Johnolla, born 11-26-1919, Capulin, and two sons. After John died, Sadie married Ode Cogburn who was a fireman in Coalgate, Oklahoma. Sadie ran a motel there for a number years. To them were born three daughters, Mary Lou, Sherilyn, and another daughter (name unavailable).

Zelpha (Johnson) Leach. Zelpha was the third daughter of J. P. and Maud Johnson. She was born 06-06-1903 and her roll number was 1100.

The Choctaw linage came down from the Traherns.