James,Ellis Hogue Edgar

Ellis Hogue Edgar James, Sr. Submitted by: Rosalind H. Ford

Ellis (Hogue) James-Roll #15452 was born 8-16-1891 at Krebs, Indian Territory, to Emerson James and Mary Marilla (Breedlove) James. Hogue was 3/8 Choctaw. He attended school in a one room school in the Sulphur Community east of Hartshorne, also Jones Academy just north of Hartshorne, Indian Territory. He married Nellie Mae Perkins, a teacher of 33 years. She taught in Oklahoma, Arkansas and on an Indian Reservation in Arizona. They lived in Hartshorne, Oklahoma, Wickes and Hatfield, Arkansas, Zafra and Clayton, Oklahoma. They had 2 boys and 3 girls. They were Ellis Edgar James, Jr., born 1-16-1930; Mary Nell James Crain, born 12-8-1931; Charles Emerson James, born 10-19-1933; Juanita June James, born 9-18-1935; Virginia Lee James, born 1-22-1937.

Hogue’s father, Emerson James, was born in 1855 at old Ft. Towson, Indian Territory. He was a U.S. Marshal and member of the Light Horseman. He was shot and killed in Hartshorne 8-6-1985 when Ellis was only four years old. His killer had earlier unloaded Emerson’s gun and put it back on the saddle, unloaded. Emerson was ambushed but could not defend himself. He was buried at the Sulphur Cemetery near Hartshorne, Oklahoma. Emerson’s mother was a child when she and her family were removed from the Mississippi on the “Trail of Tears” in the 1830’s the Indian Territory—now Oklahoma. When the old Choctaw Council House in Ft. Towson burned, family records were destroyed. A picture of Emerson hangs in the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.

Mary Marilla Breedlove James, mother of Ellis, was born 6-22-1857 at Mt. Vernon, Mo. She died at her home in Sulphur Community, near Hartshorne Oklahoma on 12-25-1932. She was buried in the Suplphur Cemetery. Mary’s father was Milton Breedlove and he was a circuit riding Methodist preacher. Mary’s mother was Margaret Ann Roper from Tennessee and was the daughter of John Roper of Illinois.

Ellis Edgar James, Sr. had 2 brothers and 3 sisters. All were original enrollees except 2 brothers that died at birth. They were Edmund and Eli, twins born in 1885 and died at birth; Alice Elizabeth – Roll #15450 born 6-10-1886 and died 1-21-1911. She was married to Roy Adams. They had two children and both died at an early age. Alice was blind and went to school at Muskogee. She was an accomplished musician; Maggie Mae James was born 6-22-1888 and died 2-28-1969; Annie Laurie James – Roll #15453 was born 8-3-1893; Evalina James – Roll #15454 was born 8-3-1894 and was still living in 1996 at the age of 102 years. All of the children were born in or near Hartshorne, Indian Territory and the first five were buried in the Oak Lawn Cemetery in the Sulphur Community, east of Hartshorne.

Grandchildren and great grandchildren: Children of Ellis Edga5r Jr., and Margaret Cox James are: #1. Ellis Edgar III, born 8-5-1957 and married Nancy Weebler and their children are Ellis Edgar IV, Jesse and Becky; #2. Cecil Loren, born 11-19-1958 and married Kay Paden and their children are Tera, Joshua and Katrina; #3. Tonita Lynn, born 12-29-1959 and married Gary Meyers and their children are Michelle, Cheryl and Joanna; #4. Paul, born 2-15-1961 and married Dorie Wubker and their children are Ada, Jeremy and Heather; #5. David, born 5-16-1962 and married Dawn Wubker and their children are Danielle, Danessa and Dustin, #6. Wesley born 8-22-1967 and is unmarried.

Children of Mary Nell James Crain and Donald N. Crain; #1. Rickey Dale, born 2-18-1953 and married to Kimberly Vaughn and their children are Samantha Jo and Rickey Lee; #2. Randy Lee, born 9-8-1954 and married Christi Ross and their children are Lindy Leigh and Mikala Dawn; #3. Gayla Sue, born 4-13-1960 and married Rodney Dixon and their children are Joshua Taylor and Brandon Kristoffer.

Children of Charles Emerson and Gloria Van Horn James are #1. Eugine, born 11-21-1963 and married Jeff Crist and their children are Jessica, Charla and Crystal, #2. Bernadette, born 11-27-1965 and her daughter is Elizabeth, #3. Georgina, born 9-1-1967, #4. Charmayne, born 6-23-1970 and married Walt Rodman.

Children of Juanita June and William Lewark are #1. Terry Ann, born 7-14-1958 and married Robert Hogue (deceased), #2. Larry, born 9-18-1959 and married Dan Reisig and their children are Nathaniel and Austin, #5. Virginia, born 1-22-1937 and died in June of 1938. She is buried in Gravelly Cemetery at Foreman, Arkansas.

Ellis (Hogue) Edgar James Sr. was a very good friend of Sidney White of Tuskahoma. Sidney White was widely known for the ‘Stick Ball’ sets he made during his lifetime. Co-author of this book, Wesley Samuels, is privileged to own a set he made.