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Matthew Walton James Submitted by: Betty Parsons Weeks

We know from Matthew Walton James’ WPA Interview and Choctaw Census Card that he was born in the year 1869. His birthday was July 7th. He died March 25, 1965 and is buried at Darwin Cemetery. He was the son of Mary Abigal Folsom and Jiman James. Walton’s parents were both reared near Doaksville, Indian Territory. Mary Abigal was the daughter of Daniel Folsom and his first wife, Lucinda Nail. Walton was half Choctaw. Walton said that his father was killed when he was about five years old. Jiman James was killed at Rock crossing on the Clear Boggy River, north of Mt. Pleasant while trying to recover his stolen livestock. This Mt. Pleasant Community was north of “Old Bennington, which was part of Blue Co., Indian Territory at that time. After Jiman’s death, Mary Abigal married again to William M. “Bill” Matoy. Bill was listed as an intermarried white on Mary Abigal’s Choctaw Census Card, but family tradition has him being part Cherokee Indian. Matoy had served the CSA during the Civil War. Mary Abigal and Bill Matoy had three children that were recorded on the census cards. Mary Abigal and Bill’s children: Albert Matoy married Ida Freeny. They didn’t have any children, but raised May Robinson as their own. Most of the Matoy family information came from a small history book “Matoy”, written by Albert Tidwell about the families of the Matoy Community. He gives credit to Betty Jo Swindell, Miami, Ok for some of the Matoy family information in his book. Susan Matoy was born May 20, 1881, died July 27,