James, Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae James Submitted by: Aline Monks, granddaughter

Maggie Mae James was born 6-21—1888 and died 1-28-1969. Her parent’s names are not known but she was born in the rural community of Sulphur, Pittsburg County, Indian Territory. She started to school in a one-room building located at what is now the cemetery. She, also, attended Wheelock Academy for girls. A lady named Nora Starge made most of her clothes. She married Wesley P. Richardson in January of 1906. He was born 11-11-1880 and died in November of 1915. He was killed in an accident. Their children were: Juanita pearl, born 10-21-1906; Wessa Marie, born 2-8-(1906?) and died 12-19-1978; Lily Mae (known as June) and Willie Ray (known as Bud) were twins born 6-2-1915. Dates of the deaths of June and Bud are unknown. After the death of Wesley Richardson, Maggie married Robert McGee Hargis and they had one son, Robert McGee Hargis, Jr.. He was born 6-11-1919 and died 7-1-1970.