James, Eva

Eva James Submitted by: Alta Meek, daughter-Written in August 1996

Brief history of Eva James Waynand: Original enrollee—Choctaw. This is with as much accuracy as I can do it with what knowledge I have. Eva James Wynand, as of August 1996, was living in a rest home in Casper, Wyoming and is unable to write this. Of her children I am the only one still living. I am Alta Mae Williams Meek. Born on a farm near Hartshorne, Oklahoma, August 3, 1894. Father was Emerson James; born at Ft. Towson, Indian Territory 1854. I don’t have the information on Eva’s mother, Mary Breedlove James. She came from Missouri with her parents. Eva’s grandparents were Methodist. Her grandfather was a Methodist Circuit Rider. Emerson’s parents came to Indian Territory on the Trail of Tears. They came on a boat to Galveston, Texas and lived in Texas for sometime before making their way to Indian Territory. I never did know if he had any brothers or sisters. I am sure he did because there are a lot of people named James in Oklahoma. Emerson served several years as a Federal Marshal in the territory. We had no written information on this. The parents came from Mississippi. Eva had three sisters and one brother. They were all original enrollees. They had a good life in their childhood. Mary raised all five children alone. She herded her cattle and farmed their place. Emerson had built their log house himself and it was a good home. They had all of the things that make life good. They were active in the Baptist Church and Sunday school. They all started out with their allotted land and all of them lost it in some bad judgments in real estate deals. Eva lost her father in 1896 so Mary had sole responsibility of the family. The children had to learn lots of things about the work around the farm and each had his or her own stock to care for. She married Carl C. Williams in 1912, June 22. They lived in several different locations the first five years of their marriage. They had four children. Patricia Inez was born at Hartshorne March 2, 1913. The Eva and Carl moved to Casper Wyoming. He had no luck getting started I the cattle business so he decided to find work in the oil business. There was a boom going on there. Alta May Williams was born in Casper, June 6, 1921. Carl Emerson Williams was born at home in Mountain View, just outside Casper on Oct. 20, 1923. Eva and Carl filed on a homestead in Converse County and proved upon it. They built a shack and a barn with a corral. The family lived there for several years. Carl’s parents went there too and built a small cabin. Carl Emerson was born afterwards in Mountain View. Eva’s grandchildren are: From Patricia: Larry Ross Holmes, deceased; Joane Elaine Holmes Hoffman, Casper Wyo.; Clayton Andrew Shields, Dubois, La.. From Alta: Albert James Meek, Baton Rouge, La.; Terre Leanna Meek Donaldson, Arvada, Co. From Larry R. Holmes: Collin Lee; Lianne and Tully Joe; Lianne has two children but I don’t know their names. Eva and Carl divorced in 1935. She married Herman Wynand in 1952. Carl never remarried. He died in 1984 at Basin, Wyo. Herman Wynand died in the 1960’s. This picture was taken at first the family reunion in Casper in 1994. It was a birthday party for Eva. She was 100 years old. Our family is quite scattered all over the United States. There were people at the reunion from Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Idaho. Eva has had a pretty good life. Sometimes richer and sometimes poorer but always with a great spirit