James, Analaurie

Analaurie James Submitted by: Rosalind H. Ford, daughter-in-law

Analaurie James was born 3-3-1893 to Emerson James and Mary Marilla (Breedlove) James. She was born in the Sulphur Community, seven miles east of Hartshorne, Indian Territory. She died 11-11-1981 in the Sulphur Community where she lived and is buried in the Oak Lawn Cemetery at Sulphur.

Her father, Emerson James, was born at Fort Towson, Indian Territory in 1854. Mary Marilla was born 6-22-1857 at Joplin, Missouri. Mary had three sisters and one brother. A set of twin brothers died at birth in 1885 and one sister, Alice, died at the age of 25. One sister, Eva James, born 8-3-1894 and was still living in 1996, at the age of 102 years.

Analaurie attended schools at the Sulphur community and in Hartshorne, Oklahoma. When she aw s15 years old, she married William Alfred (Tab) Ford, from Hartshorne and they had nine children. They were Warren, born 5-13-1909; Margaret; Grace, born in 1912; William Alfred; Al, born 12-8-1914; Frank, born 7-5-1916; Henry, born 1-7-1918; Ralph and the last child’s name is unavailable. The children, from William Alfred Ford, were descendants of a famous Choctaw Warrior, Chief Hopiaschitinin or Little Prophet, who fought in all the French and Indian Wars. He was honored by the United States Government by allowing him to remain in Mississippi when the Choctaws emigrated to the Indian Territory in 1832. His only daughter, Sally, was full blood Choctaw Princess. Her Indian name was Abafukubee’. Their great grandmother emigrated with the Choctaws and settles at Doaksville, Indian Territory in 1832 where she married Calvin Ervin. He was born in 1-10-1816.

Their daughter was my husband’s grandmother. She was Emma Ervin, Willis, Ford, Carpenter, Christian. She was one fourth Choctaw and her second husband was W.A. Ford, Sr. Their only child, W.A. Ford, Jr., was killed in a prison outbreak at McAlester, Oklahoma in 1961, where he as a jailer at the prison. He was the father of my husband, Henry E. (Hank) Ford who died 8-17-1994. Analaurie wore large hats and made the most of her clothes when she was young. She, also, loved to paint and sew. She stayed at home and took care of her nine children. Analaurie married a second time to a Mr. Maskey.

Analaurie’s father, Emerson James, put the children on the rolls before he was slain. He was a Light Horsemen (Mounted Indian Police) and was shot and killed on voting day 8-6-1895 at Hartshorne, Indian Territory. The children were: Analaurie, Alice, Eva, Mae, Hogue, and Mary Marilla