Izard, Sherley Biddle

Sherley Biddle Izard
Submitted by Glynn Ray Izard

Original enrollee Sherley Biddle Izard was born on November 15, 1881 the youngest son of the nine children born to George Henry Izard and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Moran. George and Sarah’s first seven children were born in Texas, the last two in Oklahoma.

Sherley Biddle married Elizabeth Cleveland (Lizzie Kate) Frisby in Tishomingo, Oklahoma on March 6, 1905. This union was blessed with four children; William Russell in 1905, Joseph Elbert (Ike) in 1907, James Liffie in 1909 and Effie May in 1911.

The family lived and farmed on the land that was granted to Sherley and his son, William Russell, by the federal government, near Coleman, Oklahoma. Sherley’s other three children did not receive land grants or roll numbers.

In 1921, the Izard family sold the Oklahoma land granted to them and moved to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas near Rangerville. They traveled by train where Sherley and William Russell (due to the length of the trip) had to ride in the stock cars to tend to the cattle.

The family worked together at farming on leased land and as shared croppers. By 1935, the children were married and had established families of their own. William Russell married Pauline Singleton and moved to Oakland, California. Joseph (Ike) married Louvenia Kowles and moved to Austin. James Liffie married Anna Sparks and moved to Harlingen, Texas. Effie May married Lonnie Brierley and moved to Alexanderia, Louisianna.

Sherley Biddle became infected with tuberculosis and shortly thereafter, was not able to maintain the family farm on his own. He gave up the leased land and worked as a handy man and engaged in occasional jobs as a farmhand.

In October 1944, Sherley Biddle died from complications of tuberculosis. His wife, Lizzie Kate (known by then as Granny) lived on alone until 1978.