Hudson, Peter W.

Peter W. Hudson Submitted by: Mary Wood

Peter W. Hudson was born at the old Eagletown in McCurtain County on August 29, 1877. His parents were Washington and Frances Bohannon Hudson, also natives of Eagletown. His great uncle George Hudson, served as principal chief of the Choctaw in 1858 and was defeated when he refused to call a meeting of his Council to declare war against the government in favor of the Southern Confederacy. Peter Hudson’s long career in politics was started in 1900 when Green McCurtain, then Choctaw Chief, named Hudson to complete the term of Simon Woods, who died while a member of the Choctaw Council. He represented Wade County, now a part of McCurtain, LeFlore and Latimer counties. Later, Hudson was chosen clerk of the council. At statehood, in 1907, he was elected what was then called district clerk for Pushmataha County, a position which was consolidated with that of court clerk in 1915 and served until the Republican landslide in 1920. Later, he served as a deputy in that office for eight years. One of Peter Hudson’s boyhood memories had to do with his first train ride. Hudson rode the Frisco passenger train in August of 1887 when he was a ten-year-old boy. He had traveled by wagon with his parents from Eagletown to Goodland on his way to Spencer Academy located near Nelson. At Goodland the family met Hudson’s grandfather Joshua Bohannon of Grant. His grandfather suggested that young Peter just take the new “iron horse” from Goodland to Antlers and save his parents and the real horses a two-day trip. The family went to the station. When Peter heard so much noise and saw the steam and smoke, he ran and hid behind the platform. He came sheepishly back when the family called to him to hurry up. Ticket in hand, he boarded the train and found a seat. This introduction to trains was an exciting experience especially when he almost lost his hat sticking his head out of the window. Peter Hudson was enrolled as a full blood in Eagle County in 1896. Peter W. Hudson and his wife Myrtle Campbell Hudson of Tuskahoma were the parents of four children; Lillian Thelma, Dorothy, Peter W. Jr., and Hiawahnah.