Hickman, Gertrude

Gertrude Hickman Submitted by: George Michie, Jr., son

Gertrude was born to Eugene Hickman and Lucy McKinney Hickman. Gertrude was called Gertie and was born 1888. She married George Asa Michie and there were three children: Catherine Laverne Michie and she married Hollis Long; George Asa Michie, Jr., born 03-19-1910; Eugene Hickman Michie married Mary Moore. George Michie, Jr., married Edith Adam, born 10-29-1914 and there were four children: George A. Michie, III, and married Imogene Burnett; Joyce Jean Michie married Steve Gelfond. Their children were David Lemons/Lemond; Jenifer Gelfond; Jonathan Gelfond; Benjamin Gelfond; and Rebecca Gelfond. The fourth child of George Jr., is Gary Michie. He married Betty Brannon and they had two children, Donavon and Christopher. Gertie Hickman was a great great granddaughter to McKee Folsom. McKee was born in Mississippi. I the 1831 Indian Rolls, it shows that McKee Folsom, with eight in his family lived at Nushubee, Nosholitubbi District, Mississippi; settle in Red River County, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory and died there before 1862. He was a pupil of the mission school in Cornwall, Conn. In 1818, with his brother Isreal. Their names are in the catalog printed in 1819. Children of McKee were: Rev. Willis Folsom, born in Red River County; Dennis Folsom, born in Red River County; Ellis Folsom; Coleman Folsom, and Peter Folsom. Rev. Willis Folsom married Winnie?? (daughter of Eumertachre) who was born in Tishomingo. Both died at Panola, Indian Territory. Rev. Willis was partly raised in old Skullyville County, Choctaw nation, Indian Territory. He was a Methodist minister for fifty-two years and wrote a Choctaw Dictionary so he could preach in both English and Choctaw languages. Their children were: Arnold, born in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, 05-15-1844; Isaac, married Nellie McDaniel with two children, David and Margaret; George was born at Panola, Indian Territory; James (Jimmie); Frank was born at Panola in 1854; Elisa was born at Panola, married Edna Wade and they had two children, Dennis and Serena; Jincie married Peter McKinney with one child, Lucy; Rhoda married about 1873 to the Honorable Green McCurtain, Governor of the Choctaw Nation, born 1850 near Oak Lodge, Indian Territory and died at Kinta, Oklahoma, 12-10-1910 and had one child, Ben was born in 1876. He was in the U.S. Indian Service, in fieldwork among the Choctaw. There was one child, Randolph who was born in 1901; Serena married Frank Hinkman and they had three children: Lackey, a girl that died, Edwin L. born in 1879 and Frank was born in 1883. Their tenth child was Mary, born in 1855 and married Edward McDaniel who was born in 1854. They had six children: Thomas, born in 1876, Marvin, born in 1883, James, born in 1886, Mitchell, born in 1890, Ruth, born in 1891 and Lula, born in 1894. Jincie was the seventh child of Rev. Willis Folsom and grandmother to Gertie Hickman Michie. Jincie Folsom McKinney and Peter McKinney had a daughter named Lucy who married Eugene A. Hickman. Their children were: Chester born 1886; Gertie born 1888; Mamie; Willis born 1894; Hester born 1896; Lucy born 1898; Houston (no data) and Catherine. There were approximately 18 Hickman children; some were stillborn while others died young which are not named. Lucy Hickman never married, she had a Navy career. Chester was called “Choc”. Eugene and Lucy Ann McKinney raised his niece and nephews, Edwin born in 1879 and Frankie born in 1883. Eugene was the son of Lad and Josephine Hickman.