Hiarker, Frank R. (Hiaka-Hiahen)

Frank R. Hiarker (Hiaka-Hiahen) Submitted by: Dorotha Sue Birch; Great granddaughter of Frank R. Hiarker 5th Daughter of Ethel (Hiarker) Birch

Frank R. Hiarker. Enrolled children: Henry Hiarker and Jane Ethel Hiarker Birch. On June 4, 1888, my great grandfather, Henry Hiarker (Hiaka, Hiahen) signed his last will and testament as recorded by John Taylor. Being an uneducated man, unable to read or write, the will was attested by Joe Ward. D.W. Bell and Lyman Bohannon- no doubt, well known persons at that time. Although, we know nothing of his parents, we do know that at ten years of age he traveled the “Trail of Tears” with his parents to Indian territory, Oklahoma, from Mississippi. They settled in Skullyville County in or near Oak Lodge. Dates of births, marriages, death and degree of Indian blood have been lost to history past. He did marry Sarah (maiden name unknown). She bore three children that we know of: James, Frank, and Becky. James and Frank were jointly named in Henry’s will to share the property. He also left $10 to Becky, which must have been a goodly amount in those days. There was no mention of Sarah. The census of the Choctaw Nation did record Sarah as being 52 years of age in October 1896. Both Henry and Sarah died before the formal Indian rolls in