Harris, William Johnson

William Johnson Harris Submitted by: Mrs. Wylie S. Black

William Johnson Harris, Choctaw Original Enrollee was born September 23, 1881 to Abel Harris and Susan Gertrude (Maxey) Harris. He was very proud to be an alumni of Jones Academy, Hartshorne, Indian Territory. Mr. Harris was a clerk for Choctaw District Judge Noel J. Holson of Summerfield, Indian Territory until statehood. He raised livestock and was also a former Mayor of the City of Poteau. Mr. Harris was married to Dada Victoria Holson. After being married three months, they took in two young Indian children, John and Martha Jane Nose, as requested by their mother before her death. Also, they helped raise several other Indian relatives children. Their only daughter is Wylie Sue (Harris) Black and one granddaughter, Janna Sue (Black) Kearns. There are three great grandchildren, Camisha Sue, Damon Thomas and Darren Joseph Kearns. Mr. Harris passed away September 7, 1940 at Poteau, Oklahoma.