Harris, Paul

Paul Harris Submitted by: Alma Rainwater, daughter.

Paul Harris, an original enrollee, was born in Choctaw County, Indian Territory on 10-14-1902 to Nathan Matt and Parilee (James) Harris. Nathan was born 04-11-1876 at Lukfata, Indian Territory. Nathan was a farmer, belonged to the Masons and was a Baptist Church member. He died at Boswell, Oklahoma 02-29-1964. Parilee was born 02-13-1873 and died 05-26-1917 at Timber Hills Community, Oklahoma. Parents of Nathan was Nelson and Jincy (Gilbert) Harris. Nelson died in 1928. Jincy, dates of birth and death unknown. She was a full blood Choctaw and married Nelson before 1876. Parents of Parilee (James) Harris were Lewis James and Winnie (St. John) James. She was born in 1846 and died in 1940. She married a second time, to Ben Carson. Parilee’s siblings were: Lewis (Duggie) James, Johnnie James, Ellis, Harvey Carson, and Emma. Children of Nelson and Jincy (Gilbert) Harris were: E. Curish; Nathan; Mary; Evelyn and Laura Harris. Nathan was married three more times after Parilee. They were: Bert; Lola Washington and Minnie. Children of Nathan and Parilee were the following:

Elizabeth (Born 12-12-1897 and married Earl Proctor, then John Morris. She had a daughter, Willie B. who married Sam Wade and their children were:

· Sammie Ware, born 12-05-1938; · Jimmie Fay Ware, born 02-12-1940; · Larry Ware, born 10-02-1953 · Lloyd E. Ware, born 12-27-1954; · John E. Ware, born 03-09-1956; · Joe E. Ware, born 08-23-1957;

Great grandchildren are: · Evelyn Lyons, born 08-07-1963 · Susan Lyons, born 10-27-1971; · Dianne Ali, born 11-20-1961; · Alex Ware, born 08-19-1981;

The great great grandchildren are: · Caleb · Ajia · Joshua Ali Mariah, born in July 1900 and died 05-14-1914 and was an original enrollee.

Paul, born 10-14-1902 and married Arlene Harmon on 12-16-1922 in Boswell, Oklahoma. She was born 07-09-1906. Their children were: Parilee, born 09-19-1923. She was married to Thomas Richard, also Robert Smith; Dillard, born 04-01-1936 and was married to Charles Jackson, also Edward Rainwater; Marjorie A., born 02-17-1943 and was married to George Davis, Earl Adams, and A.B. Almond. Grandchildren were: Dana Smith, born 02-28-1958; Valton Smith, born 08-??-1963; Celestine Lethridge; Diedra Harris; Connie Harris; Dwayne Jackson, born 11-05-1953; Gerald Jackson, born 07-29-1955; Tina Rainwater, born 01-30-1967; Linda Rainwater, born 11-07-1948; Ed Rainwater, born 05-05-1950; Roma Rainwater, born 06-17-1952; Levin Harris, born 11-21-1962; Shawn Harris, born 03-19-1964; Carmen Davis, born 05-28-1967. There are 31 great grandchildren and 7 great great grandchildren.

Beatrice (Myrtle), born 03-22-1905 and was an Original Enrollee. She married W.G. Bennet and later married J.E. Ware. She had two children: W.G. Bennett, Jr. and Willie B. Boxely. The grandchildren are: Alma Fay, Eddie, Jay, Artemese, Beverly, Rubin, and Thomas.

Ruby, born 12-04-1907 and died 09-18-1945. He married Hattie Lou Williams. There were four children: Ruby, Lee, Bety, and Nathan Harris, Grandchildren: Gary, William, Carlos, Maurice, Lee, Wylene, Annette, and Patricia Osborn.

Emmitt, born 06-10-1910 and married Patricia (Sue) Millner. There were five children: Carl Patricia, Rudolph, Gean Dillard and Martha. Jeanette, born 08-30-1913. She married Robert Morgan and there were two children: Erma Jean and Marie.

Genea, born 05-04-1915 and died in 1980. No other information available.

Paul Harris attended schools at Timber Hill, Boley and Langston. He spent much of his time playing baseball but his church was closest to his heart besides his family. He was an Elder in the Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas for 35 years. He and Arlene celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary on 12-17-1989 in Lubbock. At that time they had 14 grandchildren and twenty-one great grandchildren. His first job paid about $10 a week. He was a construction laborer and truck driver and he wore denim clothing. Alma stated that her father was raised in the black community so she didn’t know much about his heritage.