Harris, Osborne Rayson

Osborne Rayson Harris

Osborne Rayson Harris, original enrollee was born to Blannie Harris in Lane, Oklahoma. He was born on or about 02-04-1899. He died on 02-06-1947 in Centrahoma, Oklahoma. He was buried at Cole Creek in Atoka, County. He had one sister, Agnes Harris born on or about 1900. Osborne may have brothers and a sister. Their names are Eastman, Solome, Allen, and Minnie, last names unknown. Osborne Harris married Nancy Roberts (an original Chickasaw enrollee) in Coalgate, Oklahoma. Mr. Harris’s occupation was cutting railroad ties and farming. His schooling is unknown. The Harris’s had six children (Rayson and Leon died in infancies). The children were born in the Centrahoma area. The oldest child’s name is David Randolph (Buddy) Harris, born 10-09-1925, died 09-14-1981 in Coalgate, Oklahoma. Mary Lee Harris, now Heck, was born on 12-14-1928. Jessie Mae Harris Heck children are Shirley Von Heck Morgan, Ricky Ann Heck Chapman, Marilyn Kay Heck Morgan, Tom Wallace Heck, and Randy Lynn Heck. Jessie Mae Harris Lynch had three children: Joyce Ann Lynch Ingram, William Presely (Buckie) Lynch and Rowena Lynn Lynch Plato. The children of Osborne and Nancy Harris had lots of places to roam growing up south of Centrahoma. Mary Lee told an interesting story of her father Osborne Harris’ ability to grab snakes by the trail and pop off the snake’s head. Osborne could play the organ and sing, and was known to play and sing at Round Lake Church south of Centrahoma, and Lone Star Church in Atoka County.