Hampton, Perry (John)

Perry (John) Hampton Submitted by: Betty Hall, granddaughter

Perry (John) Hampton was born to Sweeney Hampton, Sr., and Elizabeth Anderson Hampton on May 17, 1895, Latimer County, Indian Territory. He married Ena Glenn on July 3, 1919. They had four daughters: Lorene Ratcliff, Odell Chronister, Irene Kinnikin, and Oleta Fazekas all currently reside in the Wilburton area. A son died a few days after birth. Except for a few years in California, they were long-time residents of Latimer County. He was a farmer in his earlier years and had a team of plowing horses, Snip and Josh, of which he was very proud. He retired after working many years for Latimer County District #1. In his younger days he enjoyed playing baseball. He continued that enjoyment by watching all the baseball he could on television. He as a fine Christian man who was always reading his Bible and would never take a bit of food until he said the Blessing. He loved his family, especially his grandchildren; and enjoyed family “get-togethers’. He loved to tell stories about the ‘old days’; and there were many. No matter how often he told a story, it was always as funny as the lat time… One in particular was when eh was a teenager and his family bought a car, a Maxwell. Perry drove the car home, even though he had never driven before. He came upon some people walking down the middle of the road (The roads were narrow in those days). Concerned he might hit them, but not knowing where the brake pedal was he yelled out the window, “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Apparently they did, as no one was hurt. When he finally arrived home, he rolled into a tree to stop the car. Perry died January 3, 1981 and Ena, January 10, 1992. Their children and grandchildren have wonderful memories of two loving and caring people who always place others first.