Grubbs, Benjamin F.

Benjamin F. Grubbs
Submitted by: Doy Patrick Grubbs, grandson

Benjamin F. Grubbs was born to Curtis Grubbs (non citizen) and Betsy Grubbs. Betsy was born in Blue County, Indian Territory. Benjamin marriedEliza C. Burke (IW) and they had nine children enrolled and two nephews that lived with them. They were John, Eli, Mary V., Robert, William, Addie M., Benjamin Jr., Frank, and Minnie. The nephews were: Arthur Johnston and John Johnston. Benjamin Grubbs, Jr. was born 03-05-1889 in Pittsburg County, Indian Territory and passed away 03-03-1956 in McAlester, Oklahoma. He married Mamie Grubbs on 12-07-1907 in McAlester, Oklahoma. Mamie was born on 07-13-1891 in Fayette, Missouri and passed away 10-30-1992 in Mena, Arkansas. They had two boys and one daughter: Valley Grubbs Allsup, born 04-24-1910; Afton William Grubbs, born 08-08-1915 and Doy Grubbs, born 03-17-1926.